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Kyphosis (Greek - kyphos, a hump), also called roundback or Kelso's hunchback, is a condition of over-curvature of the thora...
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12,732 conversations around the web about Kyphosis to help you make a decision
12,732 conversations around the web about Kyphosis to help you make a decision
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Kyphosis & Loss Of Cervical Lordosis

6.77% of the posts that mention Loss Of Cervical Lordosis also mention Kyphosis (13 posts)
Loss Of Cervical Lordosis
We found 13 discussions
" ...taken which said the following \"loss of cervical lordosis otherwise unremarkable with no evidence ...arms\". The Physio often highlights my kyphosis/Dowager's Hump. I have been standing... "

" dr's report today and he said i have loss of cervical lordosis decreasing the disc height and segmental kyphosis and the herniation is compressing the nerve root causing... "

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" Hi... Cervical kyphosis is relatively rare, but we ...back. Before I started having back pain, I had neck pain. Radiographs revealed that I had loss of cervical lordosis. So, while I wasn't... "

" kyphosis (loss of normal neck curvature) ...that I have a definite kyphosis (reversal of the normal curve ...the ADR to fail. The kyphosis causes more pressure on my spinal cord with... "

" ...then figured out........... A complete loss of cervical lordosis (the normal side view ...the spinal cord. A Kyphosis in the cervical ...A \"S\" curve (both lordosis/kyphosis in the sid... "

" I think what you mean is \"loss of cervical lordosis\" which is a fancy term that means your spine ...should be according to the textbooks. Kyphosis is when it actually curves... "

" ...of diminishing the thoracic kyphosis (the normal backwards bending ...think lower than normal kyphosis of the thorac is ...of lower than normal kyphosis from extension activity. ... "

" ...diminishing the thoracic kyphosis (the normal backwards ...these environmental factors (flatback/loss of cervical lordosis) are a singular ...(as indicated in the loss of cervical lordosis st... "

" ...the spinal canal, causing loss of cervical lordosis - my neck ...slightly reversed into actual kyphosis - actually really ...much effect, but that in loss of cervical lordosis when balance is... "

" ...But you wouldn´t found such a study, because than bracing works :-) To the loss of cervical lordosis (or cervical kyphosis) is to say, that I was told that this is the compensation to... "

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