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Kwell is taken for: Scabies


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Other names: Lindane
Method of use: Ointment, Shampoo
Prescribing mode: Rx
Lindane, also known as gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane, ( -HCH), gammaxene, Gammallin and erroneously known as '''be...
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Kwell for Lice
403 conversations around the web about Kwell to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Kwell and compared it to other Scabies medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Kwell & Lice

47 discussions around the web mention both
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We found 47 discussions
" ...R my 4 year old, and myself just in case. After finding out about those two kids I couldn't stop scratching. And I had waist length hair I could almost sit on. Too much to find nits unless there we... "

" ...lice then a virus.I am now feeling somewhat better so I am back to cleaning and picking some heads.My oldest daughter is sick in bed.I believe what I am going to do is do what I can while this viru... "

" ...suyod afterwards (When i use pyrethrin, kahit wide toothed comb may mga sumasama nang kuto). Some nits (lisa) and lice (kuto) will still be alive kill any remaining lice (medyo mainit dap... "

" we've tried yung kwell, it works sa lice, but not with the eggs. Another Product that we ...daw meron sila. anyone knows any other product for lic... "

" Crab lice can be treated with Kwell ...more resistant than the adult lice and can hatch in one ...scalp or body hair eradicates lice; however, this is not cosmetically... "

" ...reason why the military used to shave all its recruits bald...lice can make people miserable and they're very mobile. You and your daughter would probably prefer to avoid shaving your heads,... "

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" ...what I use. I have tried kwell lotion,lice shampoos,deet,ect. I found one of ...around me end up with lice,craps,rashes,ect.My wife of 26 years is ...with the pinching I feel.My acne has a ba... "

" ...get. In the US, Kwell is a prescription only shampoo for... "

" ...Nix, R&C, Kwell, Vaseline, Olive oil, Mayonnaise, Vinegar, Lysol Etc. NOTHING has worked so far. And yes, our kids are still quarantined outside of school, and still get lice combings everyday..... "

" ...buntis? my daughter gave me lice! ... "

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