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Knee Pain

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Ask a question
Knee pain is a common complaint for many people. There are several factors that can cause knee pain. Awareness and knowledge of knee p...
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Common Knee Pain treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 1,875 Glucosamine 1,562 Tylenol 1,057
133,827 conversations around the web about Knee Pain to help you make a decision
133,827 conversations around the web about Knee Pain to help you make a decision
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Knee Pain & Pitting Edema

0.29% of the posts that mention Pitting Edema also mention Knee Pain (15 posts)
Pitting Edema
Knee Pain
We found 15 discussions
" ...had pitting edema ...hydrochlorothiazide but it is not helping at all. I can't even bend my toes and I need help using the bathroom or getting up from a chair because of the swelling and pain i... "

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" ...I am trying to help out a friend's mother with treatment of her long term knee pain. I haven't be able ...manual therapy to her yesterday and there was some pitting oedema around the inferior... "

" ...have pitting edema in my lower legs ...and tingling in hands, pain in my left knee, one sore throat after another, and I get a foul taste in ... "

" lower legs...ive never had pain in my knee's,ever....also i have had pitting edema in my legs from ankle ...say my livers fine.. so why the swelling??and my knee's and lower... "

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" ...arthritis and I have VERY TIGHT calves (even pitting edema) after I've been up ...grinding, calf tighness, edema...but I don't have constant pain in my knee...when I'm NOT moving my knee... "

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" ...I got him with the pitting edema thing. The OS that was ...but that is out the window. He would have me on anti depressants because I had knee pain. If my OS says that this is normal, I... "

" ...have several health problems as well. Sleep apnea, high blood pressure, lower back pain, knee pain, pitting edema & Hypothyroidism . The decision to even consider having the surgery took a... "

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" break the brace out again. I also have 3 pitting edema in my lower leg again. None on the left side. I cannot find ...leg squats either. I had some lateral knee pain with those today. S... "

" ...ultrasound to identify the cause. Pain in knees could be due to osteoarthritis ...feet could be due to pitting edema in hypertension. Any further queries,... "

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" ...on face severe pain in knee ,Ankle & shoulder. ...first trimester abortions. P/E: Pitting edema both leg Restricted movement in knee ankle & shoulder No joint swelling/ redness over join... "

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