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Knee Pain

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Knee pain is a common complaint for many people. There are several factors that can cause knee pain. Awareness and knowledge of knee p...
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Common Knee Pain treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 1,873 Glucosamine 1,562 Tylenol 1,054
133,671 conversations around the web about Knee Pain to help you make a decision
133,671 conversations around the web about Knee Pain to help you make a decision
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Knee Pain & Morton's Neuroma

0.57% of the posts that mention Morton's Neuroma also mention Knee Pain (22 posts)
Morton's Neuroma
Knee Pain
We found 22 discussions
" I have been living with Morton's Neuroma for the past 10 or more years, in both feet. I have also done the ...I tried orthodics, but experienced knee pain when using them. I am... "

" ...them for the rocker sole (very major benefit for Morton's neuroma), not the toning part. I loved them but after ...month, I started to get zingy knee pain. Now, I wear them once... "

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" ...a good stretcher and had chronic back and knee pain. His BFF (who is an ...which will also render the orthotics useless. I have Morton's neuroma (similar to plantar fasciatis, but not the same... "

" on tape! Having an acute Morton?s neuroma with opposite side knee pain indicates your hip, pelvis ...tasks/performance and not by pain. At this time I would get the neuroma resolved and... "

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" ...orthotics, have chronic (7 years now) plantar fasciitis that did not respond pretty sure I have Morton's neuroma in one foot. Yeah, it ...I wore the day the knee pain started were a Cr... "

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" ...not complained once about the knee pain. I was also fitted with ...were getting numb, I have Morton's neuroma.... when I visited the Chiropodist ...heavy. I do some minor knee pain when I ru... "

" ...better than this). They were prescribed to remedy the Morton's Neuroma pain I deal(t) with, that is, take the pressure ...the MN worsen, but my KNEES bad that I would have... "

" and on with Morton's Neuroma. I switched to barefoot (midfoot landing) for unrelated knee pain and it not only ...trouble but the neuroma went away and has been... "

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" ...foot issues. Weak knees and Morton's Neuroma in both my feet. My ...a squatting position without any knee pain, which wasn't the case before. ...With my feet, I was unable to walk for more ... "

" Does the knee pain intensify when going up or down hill? Do you ...pain. The toe issue could be a symptom of Morton's neuroma as well, depending on other potential symptoms. Any tingling... "

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