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Kidney Stones

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(Kidney Calculi)
kidney stone, also known as a renal calculus (from the Latin ren, "kidney" and Calculus (medicine), "pebble") is a solid...
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Common Kidney Stones treatments discussed around the web
Morphine 2,466 Vicodin 1,343 Percocet 1,144
152,140 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
152,140 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
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Kidney Stones & Swollen Lymph Nodes

0.19% of the posts that mention Swollen Lymph Nodes also mention Kidney Stones (73 posts)
Swollen Lymph Nodes
Kidney Stones
We found 74 discussions
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" longer believe I have a kidney stone. My pain WAS a sharp ...lower abdomen. Probably just a swollen lymph node, as it is gone now (two days since ...thought it might be a kidney ston... "

Post from
" ...Dr. saying that I have swollen lymph nodes , nogles on my thyroid ...after this point. In the past I have had problems with kidney stones , and for about the last 3 months have... "

" ...was going on with your swollen lymph nodes? the SAME thing happened to showed that i had three kidney stones that were lodged high ...up appointment i also had swollen lymph nodes in my... "

" I worry about anything about my body like weird pains or a swollen lymph node since my kidney stone attack on new years eve. I don't realize im worrying sometimes its weird.... "

Post from
" ...Anyway, I now have swollen lymph nodes since Nov.! Had a ...have no answers! Have K. Stones in both kidneys and GOD knows what ...anyone else experienced the swollen lymph nodes thing too a... "

" ...had back pain for about ...told me I had a kidney stone and swollen lymph nodes on the left side and swollen lymph nodes on the right side. ...match up with a kidney stone diagnosis. My quest... "

Post from
" Scattered mesenteric adenopathy means you have some swollen mesenteric lymph nodes. The ...too concerning - you have a simple kidney stone that isn't an immediate... "

" ...Mikes, Mesenteric adenopathy is relatively common. It ...not related to your kidney stone. Most likely, had you ...not have found the mesenteric adenopathy. Mesenteric adenopathy can caus... "

" ...the contrast. 2) You have a kidney stone in the right kidney. That ...on the right?] 3) No large swollen lymph nodes seen, no mass seen. No fluid in abdominal cavity. 4) As it says,... "

" ...has been having severe abdominal pain for the ...they ruled out appendicitis, kidney stones, and gall bladder problems. However, he does have several swollen lymph nodes including two in his... "

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