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Kidney Stones

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(Kidney Calculi)
kidney stone, also known as a renal calculus (from the Latin ren, "kidney" and Calculus (medicine), "pebble") is a solid...
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Common Kidney Stones treatments discussed around the web
Morphine 2,462 Vicodin 1,340 Percocet 1,141
151,808 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
151,808 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
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Kidney Stones & Milk Allergy

0.02% of the posts that mention Milk Allergy also mention Kidney Stones (8 posts)
Milk Allergy
Kidney Stones
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Milk Allergy
We found 8 discussions
" Milk ALLERGIES?? HELP HI, i was hoping ...days. ALso, I have had kidney stones, and I also was ...negative still believe they have a milk allergy. Is there any other... "

" ...isn't true. I have a milk allergy and have talked to ...recommend raw milk for a milk allergy. It doesn't work for everyone ...probably the cause of my kidney stones (due to inflammation... "

" ...mths and that got her terribly constipated (a friend had boy same age that had kidney stones by age 2 from ...that evening from his tummy pain. None of us has milk allergies, just doesn't agree ... "

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" ...I was also finally diagnosed with a milk allergy (another story for another forum). I'm now taking calcium daily in coconut ...them as i have a history of kidney stones as well. He d... "

" ...the reply. So we started prevacid yesterday and I will ...may have more of a milk allergy than reflux. We will see ...Sorry to hear about the kidney stones thats terrible. wsu - Hope... "

" ...horrific asthma, high bp, cholesterol, kidney stones, you name it-he's only 37. ...been on -sone inhalers since childhood for the asthma, massive milk allergy so soy formula-couldn't nurse (so... "

" an increased risk of kidney stones, so I guess I thought ...risk for osteoperosis, I was diagnosed with a milk allergy at age 14, so I've ...It made me wonder if taking all the calcium did... "

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" ...not a healthy diet. It increases the chances of kidney stones, and unless the person is a serious strength training ...not in the US. Also, a milk allergy is an allergey to the... "

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