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Kidney Stones

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(Kidney Calculi)
kidney stone, also known as a renal calculus (from the Latin ren, "kidney" and Calculus (medicine), "pebble") is a solid...
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Common Kidney Stones treatments discussed around the web
Morphine 2,460 Vicodin 1,338 Percocet 1,135
151,620 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
151,620 conversations around the web about Kidney Stones to help you make a decision
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Kidney Stones & Colloidal Silver

We found 18 discussions
" ...I think he will recommend Colloidal Silver and his garlic antibiotic.... 'Allicin'... the world. I have seen people get kidney stones after using Coral Calcium. Personally, I think it... "

" Quote: Fawn, how is colloidal silver used? Topically or ingested? My DH tends to get abscesses (what we call boils, but it's the same ...he has a lot of kidney stones, and seems to get these... "

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" ...Thanks guys. I tried colloidal silver and it didn't work. ...many of them. I also avoid vegetables high in oxylate, however, I have been researching diets to prevent kidney stones and evidence d... "

" ...plenty of clean water and kidney stones shouldn't be a problem, ...inhalation therapy. Also I use Colloidal Silver one day then H2O2 ...for my lung conditions. Astragalus Root is a very good ... "

" ...your symptoms and RA and kidney stones etc. All your mono and anti-virus substance. I drink Colloidal Silver three times daily. (I had ...does the AEP help with kidney stones? I don't... "

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" Hi Giz, I appreciate the feedback for my friend's kidney stones. I'll make her up some colloidal silver. The Celery Tea sounds great too. My ozonator is really loud. I was... "

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" My wife gets some relief colloidal silver (google it) from a health from burning pain following kidney stone removal when the urine tests... "

" ...2 years he developed kidney stones... Doctors think they are from the... "

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" ...what's wrong with you ??? KIDNEY STONES !!!!! Now, THERE'S something every ...though, a quick snort of colloidal silver and BADDA BING, BADDA BOOM,... "

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" ...So are you claiming that Colloidal Silver destroys kidney stones or it's just a good pain killer? Because where kidney stones are concerned it makes a a result of kidney stones when she wa... "

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