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Kidney Infection

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Pyelonephritis is an ascending urinary tract infection that has reached the pyelum or pelvis of the kidney. It is a form of nephr...
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Common Kidney Infection treatments discussed around the web
Cipro 893 Macrobid 396 Levaquin 291
58,874 conversations around the web about Kidney Infection to help you make a decision
58,874 conversations around the web about Kidney Infection to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Kidney Infection

Kidney Infection & White Blood Cell Count

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" ...If you have a severe kidney infection there will be blood. There ...again would indicate a sever kidney infection. All of these are the ...a serious infection. You had a bad kidney infection... "

" ...a good question, i have on and off pain in left kidney for ...i have now just had the worst kidney infection imaginable urrg , i think ..., i had blood and white cells in it and mixed ... "

" ...kidney infection and two kidney stones the doctor in the er told me that keppra wast causing it.... it my vur... Its good and bad news I wont have to quit keppra.... now i just have to spend so... "

" ...self since. she had high temp, sleeping all the time and crying of ...they took blood. her white cells were through the roof, ...turns out she had another kidney infection. i couldnt fault t... "

" ...count and low urine output. She ended up having a severe kidney infection and what they found weird was that her urine ...soon as they got the white blood cell count back though I let them... "

" ...may also do blood work to see what your white blood count is. Normal count is around 9 or 10. Mine was at 21,000!!!! I had a kidney infection so bad with my DD that I almost lost... "

" ...3 days in the hospital they prescribe him an antibiotic and release him from the hospital with the diagnosis of maybe having a kidney infection, and they were concerned with his white blood cell... "

" ...happened to me and it was a kidney infection. you should think about having your white blood cell count checked. if you ...women has a kidney infection once, they put have a kidney infe... "

" the city... I have a very bad kidney infection and have been getting IV boluses(sp?) over the weekend....didn't work--white cells are sailing and its not... "

" ...Keflex and sent the urine out for a real test and culture. The urine in the 'cup' was bright yellow. I could only pee a small amount because I'd just gone at home. Since I didn't have the pain ... "

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