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Kidney Failure

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(Renal failure)
Renal failure or kidney failure (formerly called renal insufficiency) describes a medical condition in which the kidneys f...
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Common Kidney Failure treatments discussed around the web
Lasix 313 Lisinopril 166 Procrit 139
85,188 conversations around the web about Kidney Failure to help you make a decision
85,188 conversations around the web about Kidney Failure to help you make a decision
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Kidney Failure & Ovarian Cancer

0.11% of the posts that mention Kidney Failure also mention Ovarian Cancer (94 posts)
Kidney Failure
Ovarian Cancer
We found 94 discussions
" ...way of stating that. My sister is in the hospital with ovarian cancer and renal failure. She needs surgery but they make sure then go ahead blind into surgery..............know I am... "

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" they could surgically and then gave her a powerful combination of drugs that included taxol to knock it out in 3 months of chemo. About a year later (this past March), she had a recurrence.... "

" ...this is Kitt. My only living sister is at the U of MN Hospital with with ovarian cancer, COPD, renal failure, myeloproliferative disorder, a heart condition and is on a respirator. We flew her... "

" ...ICU, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December, they did ...12/30/10, she has had several complications including kidney failure and had to endure ...with surgery. She is too weak to... "

" ...carboplatin, 6 cycles. failed. now starting clinical study with UCN-01 & topotecan, after spending most of August in the hospital for kidney failure (for the 3rd time. cancer growth is obstructi... "

" ...getting cover for multiple medical conditions? My wife has accute renal failure, pulmonary hypertension and ovarian cancer having recently finished an 18 week course of chemo.... "

" I feel for you! I remember being in pain and constantly nauseaus last the beginning stages of kidney failure due to the recurrance of my ovarian cancer. At least I was older... "

" ...I also have only one working kidney. I had kidney failure due to diabetes, and then I had a kidney transplant. So ...of 1.0. Now I have ovarian cancer, and my creatinine runs 1.3... "

" ...months I am sitting here going through the same thing but the dx is ovarian cancer with renal failure. She is to sick to do surgery at this time. She is on ventilator and heavily... "

" My sister in-law has ovarian cancer that spread to the bladder. al wirenal failure in ...she's in the hospital with renal failure, both kindneys are not working and with that she... "

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