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Kidney Disease

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Nephropathy refers to damage to or disease of the kidney. An older term for this is nephrosis...
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Common Kidney Disease treatments discussed around the web
Lisinopril 517 CellCept 283 Ramipril 171
115,025 conversations around the web about Kidney Disease to help you make a decision
115,025 conversations around the web about Kidney Disease to help you make a decision
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Kidney Disease & Shortness Of Breath

0.5% of the posts that mention Kidney Disease also mention Shortness Of Breath (577 posts)
Kidney Disease
Shortness Of Breath
We found 577 discussions
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" helped but only for awhile now it seems i need more. So i am going to go to see my doctor and ask about another drug i can be using. I am worried about liver and kidney problems this may... "

" ...I have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. She has renal disease. Her fatigue and breathlessness is due to renal problem. She should go for complete renal function test... "

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" ...and was having difficulty breathing. He couldn't walk ...his caregiver said his hands and feet were swollen. I believe that he had kidney damage as a result of ...90 and had diabetes, any n... "

" ...renal disease I have been taking clonidine .3mg for over 4 yrs now. At first the only side effect I would have would be drowsiness. After one year on this medication I have experienced multiple ulc... "

" ...back and everything points towards kidney problems. . I have been Very out of breath today with palpitations. I also ...without major weakness. Here are my concerns. Blood was drawn... "

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" ...went up indicating possible kidney disease as a side effect from the Cisplatin. I have been ...My abdomen has become so swollen from the uncomfortable. I had shortness of breath just tr... "

" ...kidney transplant, weight loss, shortness of breath, lower back pain. Cause? ...Carancio and I suffer from kidney disease. I had my ...of weight and have been experiencing shortness of breath... "

Post from
" ...a puppy mill rescue and it's been hard for me since. (he had heart and kidney disease, heart was enlarged and couldn't breathe, was the right thing to do but hurt like hell) Big hugs to... "

" ...dying Shes got heart and kidney problems and she has been having an extremly hard time breathing all night. Every time she tomorrow. I knew she was sick and her time was... "

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" ...improving. She has severe kidney disease and had to ...the surgery she had trouble breathing and went to the not getting better,her feet and legs are blown up swollen.and im... "

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