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Ketosis is a state of elevated levels of ketone bodies in the body. It is almost always generalized throughout the body, with '''hype...
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266,561 conversations around the web about Ketosis to help you make a decision
266,561 conversations around the web about Ketosis to help you make a decision
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Ketosis & Perimenopause

We found 45 discussions
" ...correlation between being in ketosis and weight loss. I was in ketosis for months with no ...battli... "

" Sleep For Peri Menopause Hi there, I've been searching ...see anything for sleep. I've been in ketosis for about 3 to 4 ...I'm not quite sure if ketosis put me into the Start... "

" ...for me because of my perimenopause problems with water retention. I ...pleased that the M&E jumpstarted ketosis and my appetite is under control. So far so good.... "

" ...all at the same time. Byt the evening I was in ketosis and my constant brain fog was gone! Between perimenopause, a sleep disorder, and low thyroid mental fogginess seemed... "

" low now as I am in ketosis. But even when I am not in ketosis and I'm eating more levels ...barely hanging in there (my peri menopause are giving me periods from... "

" ...let myself get out of ketosis (carby vacation eating was a ...hit with a vengence, and ketosis does not stop them. I ...was really a reflection of perimenopause--the true menopause has resul... "

" I've been getting night sweats before and during my ...she said it sounded like peri-menopause but that if I'm having ...noticed that when I got into ketosis a couple of weeks ago,... "

" ...first began Atkins. Fortunately I had perimenopause to blame. Anyhoo, my weight a ketogenic diet. By adding my morning MCT I am feeding the ketosis and stoking the ketogenic fires. I am ha... "

" Ketosis? Okay, here I am just the herbals for the perimenopause but they didnt cause this ...the newcomers that have the ketosis going on. Its easy to forget... "

" you could be entering perimenopause. On the other hand, if ...respond well to being in ketosis. If you have done VLC ...As for slowing down your weight loss...well, what's the hurry? ... "

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