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Ketosis is a state of elevated levels of ketone bodies in the body. It is almost always generalized throughout the body, with '''hype...
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266,538 conversations around the web about Ketosis to help you make a decision
266,538 conversations around the web about Ketosis to help you make a decision
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Ketosis & Carrot

We found 317 discussions
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" ...even eat a piece of carrot it will knock you out of ketosis and you'll really suffer with hunger ag... "

" ...caved and had some sweet carrot and cherry juice last night. Still in ketosis. I've been having trouble sleeping, but it was a... "

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" ...spent the past two years low carbing and staying in ketosis whilst eating all sorts of ...unless loads of grated carrot, peppers,... "

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" I'm sure a carrot shouldn't have knocked you out of ketosis??? What a bummer. On the ...didn't know about the bad carrot)? It's so lovely to have... "

" ...on carrot juice: had 2 cups ...cup this morning when I was hungry, and so far it has not affected my ketosis. In fact, read dark purple... "

" ...for that matter. they will stop you going into ketosis which is needed for you to shrink that liver stop you being hungry. Ketosis is what makes you feel skip the peas an... "

" ...lasagna and a piece of carrot cake at my 10 year ...knid of TRYING to get out of ketosis so I can wean my... "

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" You are so right carrot tit. It's so uncomfortable, I almost bought the syrup ...on Monday, then realised that this would affect my ketosis because of the sugar content. I don't think I've... "

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" ...educational...however, Highonwater, I have a question about the whole ketosis thing. Does the body not go into ketosis then if you are ...juice fast with mostly carrot/apple/cucumber as this is ... "

" ...was tempted with my fav carrot cake yesterday and I realized out of my precious ketosis. I know how crappy I ...I am having to get back into ketosis, I'd just rather stay... "

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