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Keratin + Tanning

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Ask a question
57 conversations around the web about Keratin + Tanning to help you make a decision
57 conversations around the web about Keratin + Tanning to help you make a decision
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Keratin & Tanning

We found 57 discussions
" The keratin stains your subcutaneous fat. This ...that they can deposit the keratin on your retinas and blur can make for splotchy tanning... "

" ...any one know if indoor tanning effects ur supply and also safe to get a keratin smoothing treatment for ur hair... "

" my friend used that Imedeen tanning supplement. it makes her tan your melanin (and contains keratin like from carrots), they say... "

" mentioned. The redness usually goes down when I have been sweating or am warm...tanning seems to work, too. Not sure if it is doesn't help decrease the kerati... "

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" store, not the green stuff for sunburns and tanning lotions) as hair gel. Cocoa butter is a good ...packets or in jars as keratin at grocery stores - it's... "

" ...(packaging is so cute) Keratin Complex color care Shampoo Keratin Complex color care Conditioner Keratin Complex Shine leave in ...Treatment Free gift-Clarins Delectable Self Tann... "

" ...and let it has papain and or bromelain which dissolved keratin...I've had HUGE success and have next month...with a little tanning, I'll be great to... "

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" bleaching my teeth with white strips and putting self-tanning lotion onto my skin. I also started buying cool ...I have also started having Keratin treatments put onto my hair... "

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" ...also don't seem to be tanning on my face, i also i have discovered the link...keratin, what's the main component of ...i have a lack of keratin in my face, so does... "

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" ...blow drying and get a keratin treatment if you can afford ...and moisturize. Stay away from tanning beds and protect your face ...frequently. Eat almonds, the vitamin E should make a differen... "

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