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68,934 conversations around the web about Jumpy to help you make a decision
68,934 conversations around the web about Jumpy to help you make a decision
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Jumpy & Stomach Problems

0.12% of the posts that mention Jumpy also mention Stomach Problems (81 posts)
Stomach Problems
We found 81 discussions
" ...was given a course of prednisone for a severe ...people experience, but I had a nagging case of stomach upset the whole time I was ...miserable. It also made me jumpy and just plain uncomfor... "

" ...upset stomach nausea... "

" ...why not ?!) and felt a bit dizzy and jumpy on the afternoon but did not think much of as i can not focus and i have a really upset tummy. Lesson learnt though, i am giving up chocolate ... "

" ...pred - so snapping the head off your nearest and dearest can well be blamed on the medication The highest I have been on was 40mg fairly recently. It tended to make me feel nervy and jumpy... "

" ...get sereve headaches and stomach problems and those have almostly ...changing from adderall to ritalin in March and it was not a good thing. She had bad headaches and was actually jumpy so all w... "

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" ...I quit for 15 days, first three days I was headachy then it went away. I quit becuase I ...not impair my ability to sleep, or make me jumpy, or upset my stomac... "

" ...tell you when it's hit \"the wall\". Many people have symptoms including mild head ache, upset stomach, jumpy/nervous feeling. I can tell for me, I get a... "

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" Ok, I just started Celexa a week ago for mild depression, anxiety, and ruminating (worry), and ...(flashes of light), night sweats, upset stomach, NAUSEA, jumpy, shaky, uncontrollable bursts of ene... "

" ...Tasha (f) and Caleb (m). Last night, Tasha had an upset tummy and we had to get up repeatedly to go ...out into the living room & both dogs are jumpy and waggy-tailed like they haven't seen me f... "

" I took Tramadol 100mg three times a ...turkey and I'M IN HELL!!!!!! Stomach upset, jumpy arms and legs, my skin ...cold sweats, I'm grumpy and jumpy and agitated, I've been getting... "

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