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Joint Pain

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Arthralgia literally means joint pain it is a symptom of injury, infection, illnesses(in particular arthritis) or an allergic re...
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Common Joint Pain treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 8,219 Glucosamine 5,044 Deca 4,365
280,845 conversations around the web about Joint Pain to help you make a decision
280,845 conversations around the web about Joint Pain to help you make a decision
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Joint Pain & Slight Fever

0.78% of the posts that mention Slight Fever also mention Joint Pain (240 posts)
Slight Fever
Joint Pain
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Slight Fever
We found 240 discussions
" message news:41721785$0$41368$********@***************************... Diagnosed with thyroid cancer 18 months ago, ...suffer from fatigue, low fever and my joints ache. Can anyone enligh... "

" ...took the 5 pills mtx and I was a bit tired. Still can't sleep. So today it's 3pm and I can barely move . My face has a few bloches,eyes blurry,nausaus,horrible joint pain and cracking,extremely... "

" ...a bad outcome is VERY rare. GL and try to relax until you get some test results. Also, grown ups don't usually get the slapped cheek look. I had low fever, joint pain, like a light flu... "

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" ...lower dosis of aspirin for one year; everything was fine until 2 years ago that she started having many problems. She has had joint pain (mainly knees, ankles ...days she had low fever, the last... "

" ...Diagnosed with thyroid cancer 18 months ago, had my thyroid removed plus ...But every now & then I suffer from fatigue, low fever and my joints ache. Can anyone enlighten me why this is happen... "

" ...was having horrible joint and muscle pain BEFORE I found ...sypmtoms. All my joints hurt so bad that house. I had a slight fever for a few days in the beginning and that went away. They... "

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" ...on 1 side of body I have had joint pain on my left ...also sometimes low fever and always... "

" ...I have low fever, heart arrhythmias, ...confusion and joint pain. My Ortho says that is arthritis for joint pain in my back and knees. He recommended me intra-articular injections of hylan G-F 2... "

" ...for me as I've had either a bad cold or mild case of ...since, yesterday morning, I had a low fever and achy joints. I felt bad enough to call in sick (also to not get others sick, I guess) and... "

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" the clear. Good luck! Oh, and yes, a slight fever, the \"slapped cheek\" look and a lacy rash on ...of Fifths disease in children. In adults you can have joint pain, but not the ra... "

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