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Joint Pain

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Arthralgia literally means joint pain it is a symptom of injury, infection, illnesses(in particular arthritis) or an allergic re...
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Common Joint Pain treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 8,333 Glucosamine 5,093 Deca 4,371
284,300 conversations around the web about Joint Pain to help you make a decision
284,300 conversations around the web about Joint Pain to help you make a decision
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Joint Pain & PBC

0.93% of the posts that mention PBC also mention Joint Pain (517 posts)
Joint Pain
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We found 517 discussions
" ...fatigue which i hate!! As it happens im having not the best of days,so exhausted have spent the day in bed. This has all derived from myself complaining of joint pains and fatigue which resulted in... "

" ...PBC in March last year. I came ...the specialist on the 25th so fingers crossed I will walk out on 10mg. Just desperately want to get off the pred. I know I have been lucky in comparison to man... "

" ...diagnosed with early stage PBC having been investigated for joint pain in hands ...problem gives you joint pain.?... "

" ...PBC but also if you have one autoimmune disorder then there is a good chance you have more than one. I have a lot of joint and muscle pain but i had it prior to going on the URSO. They do lab tests... "

" ...Regards SES x _________________ Abnormal blood results??, my diagnosis has changed, from Fibomyalgia to primary biliary cirrhosis which causes... "

" PBC Hi I was diagnosed with PBC September 2007. My bones hurt and my joints ache I also feel exhausted. I pace myself during the day but do feel as if someone is inside me beating... "

" I have pain in the joints in my shoulders and hands ...while, My GP said it's nothing to do with PBC, in fact my consultant said the same, so I took them 4 years to diagnose me with PBC... "

" ...diagnosed with PBC after a routine ...and mouth and joint aches. I am now ...tiredness. I take URSO four times a day and have 6 monthly ultra sound and blood tests. I have joined the PBC Foun... "

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" not protocol for PBC, but I don't understand why not. Prednisone is an anti-inflammatory as well as an immunosuppressant; so I don't see why it is not helpful for PBC. Hope you are doing... "

" I've experienced pain in the heel of ...years now and was diagnosed with PBC a year ago (i'm 38). ...quite relieved as I have experienced other joint pain (in my left elbow and... "

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