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Joint Pain

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Arthralgia literally means joint pain it is a symptom of injury, infection, illnesses(in particular arthritis) or an allergic re...
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Common Joint Pain treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 8,274 Glucosamine 5,048 Deca 4,365
281,903 conversations around the web about Joint Pain to help you make a decision
281,903 conversations around the web about Joint Pain to help you make a decision
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Joint Pain & Histamine

We found 159 discussions
" ...always so, so tired. My joints hurt pretty badly, and I've sort ...I'm not sure the allergies are gone, mind. I do occasionally ...I've got a lot less histamine running around. I don't even... "

" ...reactions to whey that involve histamine and joint pain. (I would love to be ...Able's diet I had very achy joints. Two weeks into the ...joints are better but not back to pain free. I'm jus... "

" ...(even after taking Biotin, Multivitamin, and ...healthy and exercising), joint pain, high blood pressure, ...150 mg of Zantac (histamine 2 blocker) and 2 Claritin Redi Tabs(histamine 1 blocke... "

" Hi again I started on Omeprazole last week. However, On ...can get the tingly feeling and sore joints'. followed by 'it would be ...whether ity could be a histamine intorerance and he just tur... "

" ...terrible night with lots of histamine reaction, achy joints, adrenaline rushes. I'm going to... "

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" My son has a histamine reaction to corn (all stuffed ...fatigue with gluten but also gets joint pain and stomach aches, etc from... "

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" ...could have to do with Histamine levels. Several of the problems ...with either low or high histamine levels in the blood. I ...headache since I started, nor joi... "

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" The joint pain makes me suspect the tablets were codeine / DHC and you had a bad case of histamine release, but then you say you only took two, which makes me wonder. As mentioned above, morphine... "

" Joint pain after drinking alcohol? I have ...last few years that I get a fair amount of generalized joint pain (not gout) after a night of ...that the alcohol increases histamine release and sl... "

" maybe some of the nuts (almonds, the Alfredo sauce, date nut torte). Not sure if your hands hurt like a joint pain or itching like a histamine release. I hope this helps you in some... "

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