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Jock Itch

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(Tinea cruris)
Tinea cruris, also known as crotch itch, crotch rot, Dhobie itch, eczema marginatum, gym itch, '...
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Common Jock Itch treatments discussed around the web
Antifungal 576 Lotrimin 499 Anti Fungal 497
12,655 conversations around the web about Jock Itch to help you make a decision
12,655 conversations around the web about Jock Itch to help you make a decision
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Jock Itch & Pimples

2.84% of the posts that mention Jock Itch also mention Pimples (360 posts)
Jock Itch
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We found 360 discussions
" ...diameter, and the smallest being pimple size. It is only mildly itchy, most of the time it goes unnoticed. I've been treating it as jock itch, but it hasn't been getting better, or worse. Any... "

" ...!! I have been suffering from jock itch and athlete s foot for many years. I have tried MANY creams and lotions over the years and I am VERY tired and frustrated. The ...have marks and pimples... "

" ...answer to Acne i can't believe i ...called a ZNP bar. it's just a blue bar of soap that can cure jock itch, heat rash, and sometimes razor FIRST run in with acne. it really is a mirac... "

" jock/itch help? Ok guys this is ...answering like mad. I have jock itch, but I also have mild butt acne, (embarassing as hell I know). ...know the ones. I know jock itch has been covered before ... "

" ...symptoms very greatly. I also have itching down there and I was told it is jock itch. I was also currently treated ...infection ..... I also have very verytiny pimple looking thigs that have... "

" ...Maybe it's some time of pimple-like thing. All skin has pores ...that kind of thing?? Have you tried anything to treat them? Like jock-itch powder or creams? GO SEE... "

" ...the right direction), I have gotten severe dry skin on my hands and lips to the point where I'm getting cracks and bleeding and I also have gotten jock itch infection that has spread to i would say... "

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" ...I get jock itch every ...(I have acne issues (mostly back) also and athletes feet). I had quick questions: 1) I have acne/bacne (scattered here and there), and I've read tea tree oil helps... "

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" ...worse. I still get jock itch and am curious if it is yeast infection or just my skin being prone to getting irritation in that area. Is using baby powder sufficient enough for daily use even if the... "

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" ...So I've had acne since I was 15 now I'm 30. Did a spell of accutane at 22 during the year... Acne - chin and jawline mostly Dyshidrotic eczema on feet Jock itch during summer Athlete... "

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