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Jock Itch

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(Tinea cruris)
Tinea cruris, also known as crotch itch, crotch rot, Dhobie itch, eczema marginatum, gym itch, '...
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Common Jock Itch treatments discussed around the web
Antifungal 578 Anti Fungal 503 Lotrimin 501
12,716 conversations around the web about Jock Itch to help you make a decision
12,716 conversations around the web about Jock Itch to help you make a decision
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Jock Itch & Nystatin

We found 124 discussions
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" ...rash like jock itch. Did you ...product. My son is currently on nystatin for yeast overgrowth and how would gcmaf affect the yeast treatment or is it going to cause a flare up of yeast infection... "

" ...breastpump parts, breastmilk collection bottles. Not spoons though, crap, maybe I should? LO is on oral suspension Nystatin and I've been using over the counter anti-fungal (for athlete's foot... "

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" ...likely yeast. You can also use any fungal treatment OTC. I use Clotrimizole or Lamisil that is actually for athlete's foot or jock itch. If it's yeast, ...something like Nystatin powder it... "

" ...most want you to have maintained your weight loss for at least a ...struggling with the rashes, the Nystatin didn't help, but the prescription's also used for jock itch).? I'm having my... "

" ...broke out with traditional jock itch symptoms. Urologists believes it ...fungal infection and prescribed me nystatin. It did not help. I bought clomitrazol jock itch cream and it was gone in two... "

" ...looked like she had a yeast rash, so I was treating it w/OTC jock itch cream ...worse. I called the dr's office and they called in a perscription for nystatin cream (which cost $68, wth?). Anyw... "

" ...we both have thrush...oh boy! Can ...Ive got the Nystatin that I just started giving Turtle and got the \"jock itch\" cream for myself. ...for good? Ive had a recurrent yeast rash during an... "

" Braedon had a diaper rash so bad once it ...I had to apply the nystatin cream for yeast infection. It ...don't have to have the Nystatin either any antifungal cream for jock itch will work (had ... "

" ...all came back negative. After that I have had never ending jock itch/yeast infection symptoms. Ocassionally I get red ...outbreak about a month ago Diflucan and nystatin steriod cream cleare... "

" ...Nystatin not working for jock itch - what now? I been using the Nystatin cream faithfully since last ...the Nystatin? After living jock-itch-free for more than 40 years, it just ... "

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