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187,518 conversations around the web about Jittery to help you make a decision
187,518 conversations around the web about Jittery to help you make a decision
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Jittery & Vitamin B12 Deficiency

0.08% of the posts that mention Vitamin B12 Deficiency also mention Jittery (28 posts)
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
We found 28 discussions
" No. I'm being treated for b12 deficiency, severe. PMDD and my hormones ...way off. I get jittery, shake, bloat, headaches, and... "

" a sign of b12 deficiency also, I also feel ...weird. I have had anxiety since Dec 2003 ...lot better but still get buzzing, burning and feel j... "

" taking the B12. ?Coincidentally, I moved the bottle to the bathroom (where I take my antacid in the am) hoping it would remind me to take that as well. ?Thanks for the post! ?I'll see if... "

" ...see if I have a B12 deficiency. It would be great if easily solved. I have major panic attacks when it comes to ...a vein though. I'm getting really jittery just knowing I have to... "

" ...things as you see how things are working. Feeling a bit jittery is normal after years of severely depressed metabolic rate and other b12 deficiency problems. Give it some time and it will level... "

" ...of sleep and still feel dog-tired afterwards. This was probably an exaggerated effect of having a huge B12-deficiency going on, which only got ...e.g. with less side-effects (not feeling as ... "

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" ...way it made me feel (jittery, etc.) so I stopped (coffee, cigarettes, alcohol). Now I have the added worry of B12 deficiency if I drink too much coffee or caffeinated tea... So I ju... "

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" ...reason though... I do take a b12 supplement daily already, because I eat a vegan diet. But I feel like b12 deficiency is something not a lot the heavily anxious, shaking, jittery, I nee... "

" ...psychological problems. Even your NHS GP will tell you under active thyroid and B12 deficiency cause anxiety and the jitters. I bet you wouldnt be so keen to pull them up on that... "

" ...tingling it may be low b12, I was getting loads of buzzing, jitters and tingling and I knew my b12 was low as my ...but I have been taking multi vits and feel better.... "

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