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Januvia is taken for: Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes


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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Sitagliptin (International Nonproprietary Name previously identified as MK-0431 and marketed as sitagliptin phosphate under the...
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Januvia for Diabetes
8,828 conversations around the web about Januvia to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Januvia and compared it to other Diabetes medications
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8 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Januvia cause Kidney Disease ?

Kidney Disease is a known side effect of Januvia
#21 in Januvia discussions - 63 posts discuss Kidney Disease with Januvia. Kidney Disease is #21 concern in Januvia discussions.
We found 63 discussions
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" ...had been using Byetta since 2005 and it did a great job of controlling ...October I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease with an eGFR = ...a patient that was taking Januvia). Three mont... "

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" Januvia - I was recently taken off Glipizide (4mg) and told just ...urine. I just read Januvia may cause kidney problems requiring dialysis to which ...& still only taking the Metformin 100mg w... "

" I take one januvia daily?it works but I use more insulin than when I was on metformin. I was taking 1000mg ...was a major contributor for kidney dis... "

" kidney problems? Has anyone else been diagnosed with stage 2 kidney problems? My latest blood test showed ...Byetta 10 and will start Januvia 100 mg tomorrow. I cannot take metformin or avandia an... "

" ...glycemic control. I would advice for addition of Metformin for your father (if he is not having contraindications life kidney disease or intolerance/allergy to Metformin) Metformin is first lin... "

Post from
" I wonder why you take januvia at 4 pm?? Also check out dawn phenominon, morning ...type 2 take blood pressure medication in prevention of kidney disease. I have been a type 2 for 20 years.... "

" ...2, I'm about to add Januvia to the Glipizide and ... for me, due to kidney disease.) I'd be grateful for any ...for 35 years I've been using Januvia alone for a few... "

" ...Januvia which I took every morning. She put me on metformin 2x 500mg. I didn't take it religiously. I was not checking my numbers. I fooled myself and said I was getting plenty of exercise and los... "

" ...on medication, as diet - exercise has helped. trying to start the Januvia to see if that works. He wanted me to ...was 59, now I have to worry about kidney damage, or maybe this will get... "

" There have been a few revived lately=another one was on the topic of metformin, Januvia and kidney damage. And yesterday I got a High-Five for a post from last April. People are coming here looking... "

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