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Itchy Rash

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Prurigo is a general term used to describe itchy eruptions of the skin.Specific types include:* Prurigo nodularis* Actinic prurigo* Be...
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17,262 conversations around the web about Itchy Rash to help you make a decision
17,262 conversations around the web about Itchy Rash to help you make a decision
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Itchy Rash & Seizures

0.2% of the posts that mention Itchy Rash also mention Seizures (34 posts)
Itchy Rash
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" ...a very small itchy rash on one arm (about 4 small spots). It's not very itchy, but of course I read that I should report all rashes immediately to my doctor because it could be very serious. I... "

" ...I try I get an itchy rash, break out in a sweat and... "

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" ...from. I've only had one seizure and they just prescribed me the generic version of Lamictal. I haven't taken ...can cause an itchy rash that may kill ...With only one seizure, I fail to... "

" ...sure the dosage) and 500 of Keppra twice daily. I developed an itchy rash all over my body tht was apparently an allergic reaction to the Dilantin. With the 1-2 punch of keppra/Dilantin I was... "

" ...getting a itchy rash on my hands and arms. She determined that it was one of the side effects of the medicine which is sun sensitivity. She kept me on it cause it works great for me but now I have... "

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" ...a rash when we wash any clothes in it. I found out shortly after DX that I am also allergic to Dilaten - just gives me a itchy rash, but still had to switch to a different anti-seizure... "

" a horrible insect and came out in an itchy rash all over my body. Within 30 minutes I was having continuous conscious seizures. Do you reckon this was caused by the bite... "

" ...a go i got severe gastro pain and urinating constantly also non stop seizures allthough i was having ...a bright red itchy rash. i can't stop sleeping but tonight i had a seizure and most sev... "

" ...anti-seizure med they tried when she was diagnosed in 2006. After that they put her on Valproic Acid and was fine for a couple years until it was no longer effective on its own. They then added Gab... "

" ...itchy rash....god I looked like I should have rung a bell and had a piece of cardboard with the word \"unclean\" scribbled on it. When I went to visit my Neuro-surgeon he asked if I was having an... "

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