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Itch (Latin: pruritus) is a Wikt:sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch. Itch has resisted many attempts to class...
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Common Itching treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 43,168 Hydrocortisone 12,311 Prednisone 8,623
1,694,216 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
1,694,216 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
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Itching & Shingles

5.34% of the posts that mention Shingles also mention Itching (8,123 posts)
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We found 8,127 discussions
" ...grandfather used to put rubbing alcohol on the shingles to get rid of the itch! Ugh,... "

" ...ok hun. I had shingles when I was pregnant with my DS. My Dr prescribed me aciclovir to help me get rid of it... hope the itchy bits go soon...... "

" ...much better. I just wish I could get my hunger under control. They put me on steroids for the shingles and they... "

" ...I had shingles on my forehead and eyes. My doctor put me on valtrex and ...listerine on my rash. It seemed to lessen the itch... "

" ...and at night.I was till recently taking Gabapentin and Atarax - i am not on any medicine for last 10 days.What can be done to relieve the itching and cure the tingling sensation?How long... "

" ...I have had shingles now for 8 days and I'm happy with the treatment prescribed by my doctor. My questions are about itchiness. The itchiest parts of ...scratch these non-rash itches? Also ca... "

" ...last April. I now take 1800 mg of gabapentin per day to control the itching and burning. The main side effect is unsteadiness on my feet for me, but it is not too bad. You can type gabapentin... "

" ...justabloak I had shingles on my neck ...sure as hell didn't! It stayed for weeks and itches like crazy, redness like burned out of control..They gave me meds to help with relaxation and of cours... "

" ...It started with shingles over five years ago, for which I was treated with anti-virals and neurontin at that time. My dermatologist has since told me that he cannot get rid of it, but can only... "

" ...Take Aveeno Oatmeal baths in cool water to keep the itch down and the sweating under control. Staying cool is the key to the itch ...Ask your doctor about valtrex to prevent the return of the sh... "

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