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Itch (Latin: pruritus) is a Wikt:sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch. Itch has resisted many attempts to class...
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Common Itching treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 43,857 Hydrocortisone 12,448 Prednisone 8,836
1,708,667 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
1,708,667 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
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Itching & Raised Bilirubin

6.93% of the posts that mention Raised Bilirubin also mention Itching (19 posts)
Raised Bilirubin
We found 19 discussions
" ...2. I started URSO last Oct and have responded really well to it. My blood work is back in the normal range and my itching has been ...normal range. But, my bilirubin increased from .7... "

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" ...dermatologist who gave her a Rx. Accordiong to Myles Textbook for Midwives (VR & LK Brown 1996): \"Sometimes there is generalised itching which often starts over the abdomen. This is... "

" Hi, High S.bilirubin can cause itching. Find out the cause of having raised bilirubin like jaundice after consulting your doctor. Go for other... "

" I had cholestasis with both pregnancies which makes you itch like crazy from raised bilirubin levels. In the evening, i ...end then covered myself in Sarna (you find in pharmacy area... "

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" ...remember where!) unless you have evidence of jaundice i.e raised bilirubin. If you can put up with the itching, you may be able to hang on but I... "

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" a test precipitant for raised bilirubin in Gilbert's. I found that weight loss helped me, and if I ...fat it increases my symptoms (itching, night sweats, feeling lousy on... "

" Hello, The itching that you are suffering from could be related to ...ANA if LFTs inlcuding alk phos very abnormal (and raised bilirubin); thyroid function tests. Typhoid and a viral hepatitis ca... "

" ...but other enzymes can go down. Chemo can also push enzymes up. The raised bilirubin is likely to be the thing that is causing the itching. You might want to give China (Dawn) a pm as I think sh... "

" ...itching is caused by bile ...up in the blood causing itching. It is a distressing symptom. Because the itching is not from an allergy, antihistamines usually do not work. Itching from bile sal... "

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" ...increased bile acids in serum mgmt- benadryl for pruritus -... "

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