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Itch (Latin: pruritus) is a Wikt:sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch. Itch has resisted many attempts to class...
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Common Itching treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 43,883 Hydrocortisone 12,452 Prednisone 8,843
1,709,136 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
1,709,136 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
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Itching & Parkinson's Disease

0.16% of the posts that mention Parkinson's Disease also mention Itching (226 posts)
Parkinson's Disease
We found 226 discussions
" Hi Jake sorry to hear your mum has Parkinsons.i have been wearing neupro patches for about 2years now.these were to replace ropinirol. is very sensitive and itches and becomes inflamed but... "

" ...At bedtime it's NyQuil and my regular meds. I quit taking bit the NyQuil and Benadryl (so I'm itchy and choughy lol). The symptoms lightened up but I still get the occasionally. The mouth thing... "

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" ...Cannabis with butter (hence the name), it is taken oraly & this negates the risk of cancer caused by smoking. Using a vapouriser as I sometimes do does not generate smoke & is less damaging than br... "

" My wife has Parkinson's and does not hitch. I have been getting a ...and in the cold spell the dry heat has caused a lot of itchyness on my arms and shoulders and back. It is... "

" ...of parkinson's. Have pernicious anemia, thyroid ...years old. I was diagnosed with Parkinson s nearly 7 years ago. I have pernicious feet will have episodes that begin with an itchy fee... "

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" ...diagnosed incorrectly with Parkinsons. ...itching. She has been confined to the bed since March 8. Her speech is very diffcult to understand. She had a GT inserted in Oct 2002 after an acute ... "

" ...dont have control over my muscules at night. My \"parkinson\" symptoms are gone woth high dose B6. The neuropathie stayed. But ...when i try 10.000iu i get anxytie and itchy skin. So i dont h... "

" ...though If the itching is driving you otc antihistamine (benedryl or something quick) I do get rashes also and my doc. said that benedryl is OK doesnt interfere with my Parkinsons meds. I... "

" ...result of (Atypical) Parkinson's? 2. I ...and aching legs. I also have RLS, which is controlled by Ropineral. 3. I have difficulty with the bottoms of my feet itching. They just ... "

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" GP today, and he has advised me to take Adartrel at night, Prescription only, it is parkinsons disease medications as is some of the other medications for RLS). anyway, I am going to try them... "

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