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Itch (Latin: pruritus) is a Wikt:sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch. Itch has resisted many attempts to class...
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Common Itching treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 43,106 Hydrocortisone 12,300 Prednisone 8,600
1,692,349 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
1,692,349 conversations around the web about Itching to help you make a decision
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Itching & Methylated Spirits

We found 10 discussions
" ...recently got a recurrence. My mother discovered a remedy and it really does work to relieve itchiness and insulate feet to stop keep bedding clean. Methylated spirits also works but sme... "

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" ...forearms get hot and itchy at the beginning of ...Someone told me to try methylated spirits. I tried it tonight and the itch vanished within 1/2 hour. It ...felt it made the itch worse as it... "

" ...hour. Caution: DO NOT USE Methylated spirits, other forms of alcohol, picric ...If the person stung starts itching over other parts of the body, has breathing problems, swelling of the throat... "

" Try Methylated Spirits it will sting if you've will ease. Also Stop Itch is good. Goodluck I hope you stop itching... "

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" ...several months I have been suffering from a scalp issue - initially I tried anti-dandruff medicated ...then methylated spirits plus isn't itchy - but then it gets worse & gets itchy - a... "

" ...o/b has opened or not, tea tree oil is what works for me in the itching/stinging department. In the morning after ...of one person who used methylated spirits on their o/bs. I wouldn't... "

" ...but later i noticed i'd itch more from it. I think ...tea tree oil for the itching/stinging, but it obviously isn't going ...heard of someone who uses methylated spirits to dry... "

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" ...close to when I get drunk. Also this year I ...seeing your own father drink methylated spirits would be enough to put ...drinking now but I get the social itch and my whole social life... "

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" ...coming back Australia, the itching and irritation of my ...a shampoo that resembled jellified methylated spirits to soothe the inflammation. It ...tried helped with the itching and the includ... "

" ...patch at site of patch, itches like mad. Same doc that ...the site will fix the problem. Clean area with Methylated Spirits on a tissue and dry, prior to applying patch,... "

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