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Feeling Sick

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Malaise (, mal-aze) is a feeling of general suffering or uneasiness, of being "out of sorts", often the first indication of an infecti...
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Common Feeling Sick treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 24,263 Pedialyte 5,834
6,280,649 conversations around the web about Feeling Sick to help you make a decision
6,280,649 conversations around the web about Feeling Sick to help you make a decision
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Isoniazid (Substance) & Feeling Sick

We found 73 discussions
" INH Meds vs Immune Systems I took isoniazid for 6 months and have been soooo sick since I have finished treatment (finshed approx. 2 1/2 months ago) Do the... "

" ...can keep linking the same ****inh dodgy news article as much nothing to back up the claims that you are making you sick puppet. Spend some time getting outrage with the United... "

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" ...I had the same thing happened to me. I was also sick with active tb on the lymph nodes and I ...daughter who was 3 months old at the time inh syrup. It was a horrible experience. I am ... "

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" ...for annual checkup. he denies sick contacts and never used drugs. homosexuality . he has diarrhoea for 2 months and ...what do you do regarding INH prophylaxis a. start b.dont c.wait... "

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" with me. She got INH and Gentamycin injections which I ...there is blood. She feels weak and sometimes have difficulties said thah she already sick for more than a year.... "

" ...treated with inhs for 9 months i took the INH S for 9 months to put the tb to feel like i did when i first got sick is it possible to spread through your organs like... "

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" ...I stRted treatment and had a drug induced lupus reaction to INH and had to stop treatment. The started rifampin. I'm wondering why since TB patients are noticeably sick and TB is not s... "

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" ...all high risk-contact with a sick pt. Do PPD in all. ...than 5mm induraton will get INH prophylaxis. Those with induration less ...5mm go scor free. My confusion is regarding the treatment... "

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" User Reviews & Ratings - Inh Oral This medication has caused me to be totally and permenently disabled due ...for myself. I am only 37yrs old. I was 33 when I got sick... "

" ...weigh in this morning, I am quite sick and have to go to ...there is no point in me weighing myself. I have been up all night and I am in a lot of pain, ...up the hard work ok? INH - you... "

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