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Iron Supplement is taken for: Anemia Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron Supplement

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Category: Dietary supplement
Iron supplements are Dietary supplement that can be prescribed by a doctor for a medical reason. Iron can also be a dietary supplement...
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Iron Supplement for Anemia
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Iron Supplement & Omeprazole

We found 50 discussions
" ...if they work. My understanding Krika is it will be a case of trial and error, maybe you should follow up with your doc I'm on pentasa, omeprazole, and iron supplements. Hope you feel better... "

" ...I've had upper left abdominal pain on ...I've been prescribed Prilosec (omeprazole) PPI and iron supplements. Six days in, I feel well in myself, but the pain seems to be getting worse. By th... "

" ...pentasa, omeprazole, iron supplement then ...healthier. I avoid fatty foods (just not worth the pain) Fruit doesn't suit me anymore. I've started on supplements osteocare (Vitamin D, Calcium,... "

" ...lower oesophageal sphincter PPI = proton pump inhibitor e.g. omeprazole Sorry about that! Yes, if you had signs of blood loss before the iron supplements then they would want to... "

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" ...Walgreen's Omeprazole - ...on their gluten-free list. Walgreen's Ferrous Sulfate (generic for Feosol) IS gluten-free according to their list, so that's what I'm trying for an iron supplemen... "

Post from
" Omeprazole is not an antacid, it ...The same is true for iron supplements (because of the iron), and ...products (because of the calcium). Omeprazole doesn't have this effect. I... "

" Hi I was prescribed Ferrous Sulphate Iron supplements to take after colonoscopy as ...was before I was diagnosed with crohn's and ulceration in tummy. ...of days ago... I'm on pentasa and Omepra... "

" ...completely stop the Omeprazole and rely on ...reason, the mint Gaviscon didn't work for me and actually made me worse. The doctor may ...However, I have taken iron supplements with and withou... "

" ...paed never suggested it was the omeprazole - just said keep going with the iron supplement. When he finally had his ...said it would have been bleeding from there that was keeping his iron so l... "

" ...first time when they increased my Omeprazole dose. I never had ...levels and my doctor put me on a double dose iron supplement. So I concluded that ...I have always taken sufficient Vitamin ... "

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