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Iron Deficiency Anemia

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(Iron deficiency anaemia)
Iron deficiency anemia (or iron deficiency anaemia) is a common anemia that occurs when iron loss (often from intestinal bleedin...
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Common Iron Deficiency Anemia treatments discussed around the web
Ferrous Sulfate 145 Ferrous Sulphate 55 ferrous fumarate 34
10,053 conversations around the web about Iron Deficiency Anemia to help you make a decision
10,053 conversations around the web about Iron Deficiency Anemia to help you make a decision
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Iron Deficiency Anemia & Stomach Pain

1.08% of the posts that mention Iron Deficiency Anemia also mention Stomach Pain (109 posts)
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Stomach Pain
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Stomach Pain
We found 109 discussions
" complaining of stomach ache and Hi my 3year old is complaining of stomach ache and back ...She was diagnosed 6 weeks ago with iron deficiency anaemia and is on an iron supplement. Obviously... "

" ...not have enough Red Blood Cells- the ones I have are too small. Lots of tests were done. Anyway- I have been taking 325mg of iron 3 times a day- it gives me such stomach aches and cramps. Will this... "

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" ...have had iron deficiency (Anemia) my entire life. I have symptoms that include fatigue, cold hands and ...higher than usual. I have also been having abdominal pain (sometimes followed by nausea... "

" I was very close to missing a treatment or two because of my anemia/iron deficiency. They tried to put me ...Glutinate, but both caused severe stomach pains. I was switched to neupogen shots on m... "

" ...Venofur(iron sucrose) If so how do you feel? My ferritin gas now plummeted so low it was undetectable at the lab, couldn't read a level... It had been 8 last time, my iron sat is only 5%. I've had ... "

" for a couple of years, but recently it's been getting worse, and I've become anaemic (microcytic/iron deficiency anaemia). The doctor's theory is that some sort of gastric bleed is causing... "

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" ...yr old female and I have been having extreme stomach pains for the past two months, I have iron-deficiency anemia, I was originally told I ...of blood test. My stomach pains come out of the... "

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" Hello-- I am also anemic. I have iron-deficiency anemia. I know there are several ...will work. I also take pre-natal vitamins because they have hurt my stomach the least. Hopefully these... "

" ...diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia a couple months ago. I took the iron supplements for a couple weeks. They caused the worst abdominal pain and constipation ...4; suffered from exreme coldne... "

" ...your quiry at HCM it is mainly due to iron deficiency anaemia does the menarche started is the child having diffuse abdominal pain and hows her blood pressure any history of rash... "

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