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Osteoarthritis (OA) also known as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease, is a group of mechanical abnormali...
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Glucosamine 2,294 Ibuprofen 1,559 Celebrex 1,379
398,306 conversations around the web about OA to help you make a decision
398,306 conversations around the web about OA to help you make a decision
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Iodine & OA

We found 79 discussions
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" ...the BEST docs. I had nodules on my thyroid many years ago after ...gone....I take thyroid support and iodine daily and selenium and follow ...use both protocols...I deal with OA and Fibro ... "

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" with hibiclens and iodine before surgery. He used ...inch shorter due to osteoarthritis. As everyone has said ...started showering with hibiclens and used the muprocin ointment in my... "

" ...OA but the RA. Both OA and RA ...product because Glucosamine Sulfate is made from shrimp and crab. These are high in Iodine. With thyroid disease it is wise to sti... "

" ...tried it after seeing it iodine also written about in relation ...picked up the only oral iodine they had down the local ...- although I do have osteoarthritis in my left knee... "

" ...that's horrible news. Fluoride displaces iodine, lowers IQ, and will increase ...of bone cancer, dementia (Alzheimer's), osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and hormone sensitive cancers.... "

" ...and reduced... I've been taking 200-400mcg Selenium now for a few years and take Iosol Iodine daily..... I Don't worry about ...body pain from FM and OA and old age. And complications... "

" reverse my osteoarthritis. If that happens ...I've just added iodine into the mix so now that's; borax, magnesium oil and iodine. I read somewhere ...from here that iodine can influence we... "

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" ...supplements,totally organic with no fillers,of Magnesium,Glucosamine and Rose Hip,also known as ...Sea Kelp for the iodine and i do not ...helps to reduce the inflammation. Osteoarthritis is ... "

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" ...your thoughts. My mother has really bad osteoarthritis, and she did mention that ...your arthritis went away with iodine. Did you think it would ...for her to try the iodine? Would she nee... "

" ...2009 MTBs IMG SRC=\" OA_show(13); \"the older generation ...glycoprotein, calcium, iron, iodine and vitamins.... "

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