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Iodine + Nasal Irrigation

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Ask a question
27 conversations around the web about Iodine + Nasal Irrigation to help you make a decision
27 conversations around the web about Iodine + Nasal Irrigation to help you make a decision
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Iodine & Nasal Irrigation

We found 27 discussions
" ...irrigation iodine I have chronic sinusitis with one nostril working at any given time. I was thinking about using a neti pot with salt water. ...adding some lugol's iodine in there. Any... "

" Have you tried nasal irrigation using iodine or other germ killers? It sounds like you might have some sort of comes to the sinuses. Mine said I had inflammation based on a CT scan and gave m... "

" ...distilled water, with non iodine salt in a Neti ...this helps. "

" As soon as I started nasal irrigation with salt water baking soda my anxiety stopped. I wonder how you ...Noniodized sea salt so that you don't acquire an allergy to iodine. But I have gone to... "

" ...mix 1 3/4 teaspoons iodine free salt with half ...also get Dr. Murray Grossan Nasal Irrigation device. It's just like the ...cured) as a result of nasal irrigation. If you are uncomfortable... "

" ...and use the pressure bottle sinus rinse too. My ...U.K. that positive pressure nasal irrigation systems provide the most ...Isotonic, Preservative Free & Iodine Free) Educational Brochure I... "

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" ...keep having the feeling that I'm allergic to the air ...2 recent road trips, my sinus problems fade. Nasal irrigation isn't helping much, which ...later. For now, I'll get my iodine, seleni... "

" Look for nasal irrigation products. I cannot give a ...problems that develop with the iodine. I filter the water as it makes me feel great, full of energy and allergy free.... "

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" ...and nasal irrigation MH can your iodine be used safely as far as you know for nasal irrigation? If so how much ...or better than nasal irrigation in ref... "

" ...and an anticlumping agent. No iodine or fluoride. This is ...salt that I use for nasal irrigation. Iodine and fluoride do not help with... "

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