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Guanfacine (brand name Tenex, and the extended release Intuniv) is a sympatholytic. It is an agonist of the Alpha-2A adren...
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Intuniv for ADHD
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Does Intuniv cause Nightmares ?

Nightmares is a known side effect of Intuniv
#13 in Intuniv discussions - 49 posts discuss Nightmares with Intuniv. Nightmares is #13 concern in Intuniv discussions.
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my 8 year old son has nightmares
my son has been taking intuniv for 2 weeks now and he has nightmares every night they are so bad that he sleeps with me and my husband now he is so scared and now he wets the bed because of the nightmares we are going back to the dr. he go's to bed at 8:30 pm and gets up at 6 am and is back to sleep by 10 am and he takes his meds at night and he only on 2mgs.
October 2, 2014
We too, have had the same problems. Started with 1 mg and once we upped it to 2mg the nightmares began. Have gone back to 1 mg and so far so good.
January 31, 2014
We just started my son on Intuniv also. He started on 1mg for one week and then went to 2mg. He's been on 2mg for just over a week and the last two nights he has woken up acting weird. Crying and shaking his right arm and hand saying they won't leave me alone. I hold him in the rocking chair and rock him rubbing his head and calming him down and try to get him to wake up all the way. Once he is fully awake he has no idea why he's crying. Tonight he did the same thing again crying that the

he had severe nightmares from the intuniv so we had to...
" ...dmvig! My son took intuniv in addition to his ...years ago. However, he had severe nightmares from the intuniv so we had to stop... "

had significant nightmares while taking Intuniv. As soon as...
" ...stopped the Intuniv, the nightmares stopped. It can definitely be a side effect of one medication or the combination of medications. Talk to your child's prescribing doctor about what is... "

after taking it for 3 weeks he started to become paranoid...
" son was on Intuniv for 6 weeks, however, after taking it for 3 weeks he started to become paranoid, scared and falling asleep ...He also started to suffer from terrible nightmares. All this w... "

and the intuniv had to be discontinued. Keep a journal...
" ...medication. My son tried Intuniv alone for a few ...Unfortunately, he began to have severe nightmares and the intuniv had to be discontinued. Keep a journal when you try Intuniv so you w... "

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anyone dealing w. nightmares on intuniv
" ...dealing w. nightmares... "

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can make people drowsy, but most of the time the effect...
" Intuniv can make people drowsy, but most ...the effect goes away. Was she having nightmares and not sleeping well before you added the intuniv? If not, it's a fair... "

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the Intuniv, she improved. We then started Augmentin...
", we started Intuniv, which is ...the same results. My daughter had nightmares and bad thoughts ...a doubt it was the Intuniv. And as soon as we stopped the Intuniv, she improved. We the... "

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2mgs of the Intuniv. It's not working the same and he is...
" school. But he was on Strattera then and now our and so he is on 2mgs of the Intuniv. It's not working the same and he ...grumpy and having behavior issues. Nightmares are horrible... "

had problems with sleeping before and is taking Intuniv...
" ...has been taking Intuniv for 2 sleep because she is having horrible nightmares or she will ...dropping. She has never had problems with sleeping before and is taking Intuniv for her inab... "

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