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(Oral candidiasis)
Oral candidiasis (also known as "thrush") is an infection of yeast fungi of the genus Candida (genus) on the mucous membranes of t...
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Common Thrush treatments discussed around the web
Diflucan 9,619 Canesten 5,416 Daktarin 4,742
284,944 conversations around the web about Thrush to help you make a decision
284,944 conversations around the web about Thrush to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Thrush

Intubation & Thrush

We found 25 discussions
" ...they said it was thrush. I googled some images and sure enough, that was it. They gave me a prescription for an anti-fungal and about 5 days later, I was back to \"normal\". Thrush is... "

" most likely from the intubation tube during surgery. A lot of people get very sore throats after surgery from them. Some can even get thrush after wards. Take care,... "

" ...-Whew) said I'd have a sore throat in a day or two from the intubation and just gargle with salt water. My throat is red with white spots I remember my kids having thrush as babies and ... "

" probably just from the intubation during surgery... and your mouth ...esophagus more. If you had thrush, you would notice red and/or ...rub against them)... I've had thrush countless... "

" ...of fluconazole instead of the typical one day dose. I was also warned that I may even need another refill to clear it all up. But it has most definitely helped. I would have never guessed tha... "

" ...I have found that the intubation tube can cause thrush and sinus infections. I believe ...itself. My wife always gets thrush after surgery. Sounds li... "

" ...via IV (the antibiotic encourages thrush) and your mouth and throat can have some microscopic tears etc. from the intubation, and all that together allows thrush to... "

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" ...the illness but I use ducolax with seems to work very well, its a stool ...rash in your throat following intubation. If its thrush , then yogurt makes it feel better (speaking from experience) b... "

" ...antibiotics?? Cam cause thrush. Could be a problem if you also have dose of oral thrush, for intubation needs. Or if surg. Thrush can be ...prior to surg. Thrush usually respond... "

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" ...could, indeed, be from intubation irritation but the white ...called Monilia or Candida and oral Candidiasis , commonly called thrush . It is a readily ...then prescribe an oral -suspension ... "

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