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Sore Throat

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Common Sore Throat treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 6,220 Acetaminophen 4,355 Ibuprofen 2,946
417,713 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
417,713 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
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Intubation & Sore Throat

We found 614 discussions
Intubation caused me to stop snoring
Several years ago I had carotid surgery and was intubated. Ever since then my snoring has ceased. I use to snore so loud it would rock the house and my wife had a difficult time falling asleep if I fell asleep first. Use to have to get separate hotel rooms when travelling with our kids because of the noise I created. I have been searching for an answer to "why" and have not found anything definitive. When I brought this fact to the attention of my doctor he just shrugs his shoulders.

After my surgery I had a sore throat for several weeks and did notice that my voice projection was not as robust as it had been. I'm delighted with the fact that my snoring has ended. I sleep much better and so does my family, I just want to know why.

I conject that the laryngoscope somehow modified/damaged some soft tissue in the back of my throat that was causing the snoring, but still am seeking a definitive answer. Has anyone else experienced snoring cessation after intubation?

" ...during bypass surgery and sore throat from intubation! I just had my on January 10th. Also, anyone have any tips to get rid of the sore throat from intubation? Thanks,... "

" ...vaginal delivery. My abdomen was sore, I had ...laughed. I was sent home with Vicoden, however I ...I got by with ibuprofen and Tylenol. I also had a sore throat from the intubation during th... "

" ...have yet to even take tylenol for the pain, it's totally bearable. Now the anesthesia continues to kick my butt and I have a wicked sore throat from perhaps the worst intubation ever, but the pain ... "

" Singing requires a great deal of abdominal control. You may also have a sore throat after intubation for a few days. While daVinci is minimally invasive, it is still major surgery and you may... "

" ...sore throat from the intubation. I have had popsicles, chicken soup (just the liquid part), Jello (that hurt a bit) and some tomato soup. The Lortab made my stomach hurt so I am sticking to... "

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" ...But be prepared, the intubation left me with little ...voice, and the worst sore throat of my life. Cepacol logenzes were wonderful th... "

" ...really are different, was only on painkillers for my sore throat due to the intubation and only paracetamol at that. Saturday was very uncomfortable but not sore and by Tuesday I was fine. Still to... "

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" spot and causes a sore. I have had a sore throat, and needed cepacol, but never a swollen jaw and neck, you should ...if you are a difficult intubation. I agree with reggie, you... "

" me that it was normal due to the (spelling?) intubation, the Endoscopy, and (ick) the stapler which all go down the throat. So here it is a week later and the left side on my throat is sti... "

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