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Treato results for Insurance

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Treato My Voice
By T.Abbs
December 26, 2014
T.Abbs wrote
Amrix Cheating the Customers
I was given a coupon for Amrix, and I ended up paying $5 co-pay. However, the drug company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd charged my insurance company $707.59 for 30 tablets of 15 mg each. I was doing okay with the regular Flexeril. Had I known about this high cost I would nit have filled the prescription. Now my insurance company has placed me in the cost containment program, and I will difficulty getting my other prescriptions meds. This drug company has misled me and others and has taken to fraudulent means to make company. Let every body know how these cheats are creating their wealth.
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By Jaime
September 11, 2014
Jaime wrote
Does anyone know of any insurance companies that cover Nicomide?! I am desperate!! :(
United Health Care will pay 100% of injection. Get a $500 co pay coupon from the official vivitrol website and the rest will be paid by your prescription coverage
October 19, 2014
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By Ciara
June 28, 2014
Ciara wrote
Expired implanon bad side effects and no doctors will help
My implanon expired jan and I've been having side effects : shortness of breathe , chest pain, stomache pain, blurry vision swelling of my stomache and vagina. My depression moods have got a lot worse and when I researched it I found out that if Breast cancer runs in both sides of ur family ur not suppose to have it and he knew everything but didn't tell me. I just recently got family planning birth control Medicade and the health department told me that the Medicaid would pay to get it remove but then when I call my obgyn they told me that the will not accept my Medicaid that if I wanted to get it out I had to pay 94 dollars or I was on my own. Today I called the emergency room an told them the side effects I was having which were I couldn't breathes because it felt lik something heavy was laying on my chest , my stomache was hurting and swollen And my depression is a lot worse and My stomache is swellen up bad and they told me they couldn't help me . So I have no doctor that will remove it wat do I do? I don't want to do It myself but it looks lik I'm goin to have to please help and can I sue them for not helping me ?
I had a similar experience. I kept calling different OBGYNs until I found one that would accept my insurance. Keep trying!
Kimberly  |  August 20, 2014
Free clinic
abby  |  July 13, 2014
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June 17, 2014
JT wrote
I am 24 years old and have suffered with acne since 11. I have used and taken multiple products with which to little avail. My acne always goes up and down.
I have used Nicomide on and off since for the last couple of years. This has literally been the ONLY thing that has worked for me. This is the only thing I have truly felt comfortable taking as well. Unfortunately, they stopped making generic and my insurance doesn't cover Nicomide. I don't know why this product works for me, I have tried to use the over counter equivalent and it does not make any difference. I am trying hard to fight my insurance company to pay for this. Nicomide is definitely worth a try if your insurance will cover it!
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By Leslie
September 11, 2013
Leslie wrote
Nexavir and insurance coverage
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