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Insomnia (or wikt:sleeplessness) is most often defined by an individual's report of sleeping difficulties. While the term is som...
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Common Insomnia treatments discussed around the web
Ambien 37,545 Melatonin 33,217 Xanax 21,148
2,495,001 conversations around the web about Insomnia to help you make a decision
2,495,001 conversations around the web about Insomnia to help you make a decision
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Insomnia & Itching All Over

4.61% of the posts that mention Itching All Over also mention Insomnia (378 posts)
Itching All Over
We found 378 discussions
" ...insomnia. I am going to try the cold turkey method of quitting first, but I am asking..... If I tried BENEDRYL, a different type of antihistamine, for the Zyrtec itch would this delayed with... "

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" ...on lexapro for 6 days, taking 2.5mg and I am itching all over and I woke up this morning with one eye blood shot. The first 3 days I slept like a baby and now I am having a hard time sleeping. I... "

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" ...on Bactrim DS twice per day for seven days for a boil on my face (staph infection). On the second day of tx developed mild itching, felt spacey, low grade fever, loss of appetite and insomnia. Too... "

" ...from years of using Dr prescribed ssri Limbitrol. It has been 7 months and I am still having horrible insomnia and restless legs and itching all over. I am elderly, and unwittingly... "

" ...Zyrtec, not thinking there ...After day 5, I had the horrible itching all over my body plus insomnia. After 3 weeks of insomnia and lessened itching, I went again because my insomnia l... "

" ...also have very bad insomnia . Anyway my PCP just prescribed fentanyl 50 mcg patch , Nucynta 75 mg prn , andIve been on 60-90 mg Cymbalta for the past 7 yrs & Xanax 1 ...bc I am itching all over... "

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" ...was taking Lortab and became allergic to it. Last week the doctor gave me prescription for Percocet (endocet) I took ...of taking I was itching all over. I was up all night. I guess I'm... "

" Good morning! Very groggy this morning. Took benadryl last night. Not to sleep, but because I was itching all over. Allergic to something. My last antibiotic dose was yesterday... "

" ...I had to take Tylenol PM to sleep, it made me SOOO tired, but I could not sleep because I was itching all over my entire body. Last ...7 am because my back hurt and my shoulders hurt so bad from... "

" ...had terrible itching all over, ...sleeplessness again, full of energy when wake up from what little bit I get but halfway through morning lay down and rest of day becomes unproductive. I have al... "

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