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Parkinson's Disease

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(Parkinson s disease)
Parkinson's disease (also known as Parkinson disease, Parkinson's, idiopathic parkinsonism, '''primary parkinsonism'...
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Common Parkinson's Disease treatments discussed around the web
Sinemet 3,215 Mirapex 1,897 L-Dopa 1,579
139,681 conversations around the web about Parkinson's Disease to help you make a decision
139,681 conversations around the web about Parkinson's Disease to help you make a decision
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Inositol & Parkinson's Disease

We found 15 discussions
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" ...results. I am currently taking 2000 mg l tryptophan, 6000 mg inositol, 500 mg magnesium, 2000 iu, and seemed to have chest pain/ slight anxiety attack. I ...if it can worsen Parkinson's... "

" ...ip-6 and inositol I took ...the mirror, my liver spots had faded significantly. Melanin and iron are present in Parkinsons and so of ...melanin. Will Phytic Acid Replace Hydroqu... "

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" ...are the same involved in Parkinson but in fact the problem viruses, so we are using acyclovir due her inability to ...protocol(), and do not ever miss inositol and 5-htp, in addition t... "

" ...Susie, I do not have Parkinsons, but my mom does. I ...taking Twin Lab's Gaba plus inositol for a couple of years.... "

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" in disorders such as Parkinson disease and schizophrenia. In cultured ...the endoplasmic reticulum via the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor mechanism. These findings... "

" ...thinking the same - is there a need beyond Parkinson's in administering such dosages. I like Celepryl for that ...where do you all get Inositol to administer in 10g increments?... "

" ...much about it. Sometimes the Parkinson's forum discusses this supplement: ...out there! (like my chiro inositol) or... "

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" ...drug. Nothing beats lithium for mania and bipolar disorder - nothing - it's the best. The real scientitist are now looking into the inositol and ...disorders, e.g. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's... "

" recent cycle, but low doses (1mg melatonin, 600mg inositol), plus apimist honey, conception multivit, CoQ10, low dose DHEA. ...Dad is pretty poorly with Parkinsons these days - it has... "

" ...he had consistently taken selenium, when he started ...Therapy's Cell Forte IP6 with Inositol). After 3 rounds of chemo, ...the surgeries, it did trigger Parkinson's disease. He may have a ... "

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