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(Polycystic ovaries)
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common female endocrine disorders. It is a genetic disorder that can be inh...
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Common PCOS treatments discussed around the web
Clomid 119,736 Metformin 108,684 Provera 19,108
852,474 conversations around the web about PCOS to help you make a decision
852,474 conversations around the web about PCOS to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating PCOS

Inositol & PCOS

We found 2,573 discussions
" ...just ordered some 'chirol balance' d-chiro-inositol. Have been underweight most of my life, now at a ...have always had quite severe PCOS symptoms. Will try and pos... "

" gte - I noticed that you have PCOS. FYI, if you are on metformin, you should not take Inositol - At least that is what Dr. Schoolcraft told me.... "

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" D-chiro-inositol Has anyone tried D-chiro-inositol for PCOS and seen good results? I'm thinking about trying it, have shorter cycles and many PCOS symptoms are reduced only after... "

" Im taking lots. My pcos is severe. Weight loss hasnt take LOTS for the IR hyponid X 4 inositol 2600 mg cinnamon 3000mg vitamin D3 5000IU for the... "

" Inositol and Choline I just started taking inositol and choline after being diagnosed with PCOS. I hear that it will regulate my periods and help with weight loss.... "

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" about your Pregnitude/D-chiro inositol experience... I just began taking Inositol & extra folic acid, ...Pregnitude for my PCOS but didn't want ...** Moved from PCOS, Endo and T... "

" D-chiro-inositol Does anyone know anything about this? I was diagnosed with PCOS and was advised to go on metformin. However....I don't like the sound... "

" I recently started on Inositol and Chasteberry as well as Folic Acid. My questions ...and everything to ease my PCOS so I have to resist... "

" ...regular Inositol (also called Myo-Inositol) is different than D-chiro Inositol, as it seems that ...and BMI than Myo-Inositol does for these ...and both have positive effects on PCOS. For the... "

" ...that regular Inositol wasn't going ...I bought some Inositol powder from iherb and can't wait to start it. If it can get me ovulating and get rid of some of these ... "

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