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(Obsessive compulsive disorder)
Obsessive?compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehen...
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Common OCD treatments discussed around the web
Prozac 12,979 Zoloft 12,337 Paxil 7,298
525,973 conversations around the web about OCD to help you make a decision
525,973 conversations around the web about OCD to help you make a decision
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Inositol & OCD

We found 1,655 discussions
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" ...Inositol & Goldfish Quote: More helpfully: Inositol has therapeutic effects in depression, panic and OCD ETA: "

" ...started taking 1 g of Inositol and my OCD came raging back in full force. What... "

" ...of NAC (what Dreamingmind suggested), 5-htp, ...oil and Inositol powder supplementation to control my OCD. Especially 5-ht... "

Post from
" ...Lethicin, Grape Seed Extract, and inositol combination seemed to work great for your Daughter for OCD and Panic. What was the... "

Post from
" ...just tried Inositol for my OCD-like skin ...Nardil for Depression and Inositol seem to interact causing ...had insomnia problems with Inositol? Are there any alternativ... "

Post from
" ...child also has OCD and that is why we tried both the zoloft and the prozac and will... "

" ...inositol sometimes, but the ...highly effective for my generalized anxiety disorder are detailed on ...supplements might work for OCD, I am not sure, as I don't think anyone with OCD has trie... "

Post from
" ...used Inositol in morning and 5HTP at night for when my son's OCD was sky high since that has stabilised, he takes 500mg Inositol a day (... "

Post from
" Hi there, I am helped greatly by zoloft for my ocd but am trying Inositol with it (18grams) to see if it will help... "

" ...Inositol. It is reccommended for OCD... I haven't tried it yet, but I recently saw an herbalist and she will be putting me on \"rock water\" as soon as I start... "

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