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Rib Pain

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29,068 conversations around the web about Rib Pain to help you make a decision
29,068 conversations around the web about Rib Pain to help you make a decision
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Injections & Rib Pain

We found 430 discussions
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" ...I was told I had Fibromylagia. I have had pain in my ribs since then. I kept searching and asking the question ...affliction have also endured this as well! After my 1st shot of Humira, it went ... "

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" having a nerve root injection guided under a CT scan ...worried at all i just hope this helps my leg pain so then i can concentrate on my rib pain. i will have this done hopefull this week an... "

" ...cannot find much documentation connecting the two. One Epidural injection at L3-L4 has improved the left sided lower rib pain by about 50 %. Can you help me find... "

" ...this for 3 years. Pain injections where the nerve leaves the ...can help sometimes. I tried injections right on the spot and ...My most recent colon surgery has aggravated my rib pa... "

" ...was put on fortero injections in Octorber of 2004. ...My main complaint was rib pain, back and hip pain. My rib pain is just about gone! My mother also had rib pain, but unfortunetly she passe... "

" ...pain in my rib cage and in my collar bones which the rheumy nurse always checks. Are you having regular blood tests? Babs thats interesting about the mtx and mood - I know some meds do and sulfa ... "

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" I have a lot of pain in my ribs and just gentle touching there hurts a lot. As for my hands I ...finger meets the palm and have to get cortisone injections for that - which hurts like heck but hel... "

" ...that reply. Other people have told me that every ache and pain I get ...have another nasty, nasty Zolodex injection in half an hour - that is certainly taking my mind off rib pain! By the way... "

" ...that much?!? I have a shot every cycle (8 altogether) If ...or 4 days after the injection, mostly during the night, lasts ...a trillion times. Only had knee and rib pain once or... "

" rubbish again, have been doubled up with the pain in my ribs this week - and ...that unless my B12 injection is due. Glad I've ...conditions - although my sister has B12 deficiency as we... "

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