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Ingrown Hair

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Ingrown hair is a condition where the hair curls back or grows sideways into the human skin. The ingrown hair condition is seen primar...
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Common Ingrown Hair treatments discussed around the web
Neosporin 246 Drawing Salve 11 Neosporin Ointment 1
25,169 conversations around the web about Ingrown Hair to help you make a decision
25,169 conversations around the web about Ingrown Hair to help you make a decision
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Ingrown Hair & Scab

1.26% of the posts that mention Ingrown Hair also mention Scab (318 posts)
Ingrown Hair
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We found 318 discussions
" ...the doctors office to get this scab thing checked because I was convinced it was melanoma the doctor saw he told me it was an ingrown hair but I'm worried he... "

" ...or ingrown hair. To me it looks more like some sort of insect bite. Is this possible and what do you think that I should do about it. I have had it for a week now and I have been putting neosporin ... "

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" ...but i use baby oil and powder ...does it itch its just very embaressing.. i thought it might have been an ingrown hair so i shaved it and than put neosporin on it, it came to a scab and i contin... "

" Hello, I got two ingrown hair's at once. one on the ...though is swelling. I've got an obvious scab/wound point. But it's still very ...and i'm starting to get stretch marks that are swelling to... "

" ...have the damn ingrown hair I posted ages ...a circle but got smaller- scab, scab comes off, bit of stuff comes out, scab....etc. For one week, it ...stingy, but just feels tingly and heated s... "

" ...bad cut, I dug an ingrown hair out of my skin that ...healed now (I used tea tree oil and vitamin e it healed it so fast!) my question is.... is the ingrown hair gonna grow inside again, bcuz I ... "

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" ...said it looked like an ingrown hair /pimple like issue. He acted as though it was nothing, but I could take a bactrin like med for this. It is still there. If it continues a few more weeks, I think... "

" ...doing it since was I was knee high too. Lord forbid I have a scab or some kind of pimple/ingrown hair/bug bite. I too zone out & dont realize Im even doing it untill... "

" ...the tiny stitch tip had popped back out of the scab and so the scab looked less pointy. Still black, it. Kinda like an ingrown hair. Gonna try to wash the scab off. Kinda afraid to pull... "

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" ...acne on my face until just yesterday night. i got one of those ingrown hair pimples, and if you have never had them before, youre lucky. they sting basically the entire day, and i just squeezed the... "

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