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Ingrown Hair

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Ingrown hair is a condition where the hair curls back or grows sideways into the human skin. The ingrown hair condition is seen primar...
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Common Ingrown Hair treatments discussed around the web
Neosporin 246 Drawing Salve 11 Neosporin Ointment 1
25,176 conversations around the web about Ingrown Hair to help you make a decision
25,176 conversations around the web about Ingrown Hair to help you make a decision
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Ingrown Hair & Coconut Oil

We found 27 discussions
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" ...everyone, but you may develop ingrown hair. I also had an infected follicle and it caused ...on 3rd day, like exfoliation, coconut oil helps with infection as well... "

" has anyone used/tried Inecto pure coconut oil exfoliating leg and body scrub? i wanted a decent ...for my legs (i have ingrown hair) and i recently purchased this... "

" ...a caution for anybody reading...coconut oil is generally considered comedogenic, so it may exacerbate acne, cysts, ingrown hair & the like. I tend to have skin problems & can onl... "

" INGROWN HAIR \"Two weeks ago i have ...and at night it was swelled. I put HOME MADE COCONUT OIL IN THE AFFECTED AREA AT NIGHT AND ON THE ...area has gone. I also used coconut oil if i have cuts ... "

" ...1 part castor oil. I use it to control razor bumps and ingrown hair. These oils have all have ...get razor bumps and ingrown hair, I'm glad I can ...pimples and such from coconut oil, it r... "

" ...or ingrown hair, I just dab some CO on there and it's gone within a day or two. I also do the coconut oil mouthwash or \"oil pulling\" and have seen improvement in my gum inflammation. Plus,... "

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" ...was doing the Epilator, I figured it was ingrown hair infections since my skin is ...out. I actually have a couple scars now where they Colloidal silver and coconut oil have not help... "

" expensive though Tend skin ingrown hair threatment - 12.17 Touche Eclat ...cocoa butter - for the keratosis on my arms and legs - 3.77 Coconut oil - for all round skin... "

" occasionally use Ingrow go by skindoctors to treat the ingrown hair ...with the Dr Murads dietary supplements, therefore I was browsing through his online site and the supplements are specifi... "

" ...Care - General I bought tea tree oil yesterday at walmart. i was in there looking for coconut oil, virgin kind...of course i could ...can use it on ingrown hair bumps or whatever....etc.... i... "

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