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Inflammation (Latin, wikt:en:inflammo number Latin, ?I ignite, set alight?) is part of the complex biological response of Blood ve...
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Common Inflammation treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 23,269 Ibuprofen 18,527 Methotrexate 7,847
637,291 conversations around the web about Inflammation to help you make a decision
637,291 conversations around the web about Inflammation to help you make a decision
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Inflammation & Pinched Nerve

1.72% of the posts that mention Pinched Nerve also mention Inflammation (1,036 posts)
Pinched Nerve
We found 1,036 discussions
" ...inflammation. From the pain you described, I'm guessing it's not a pinched nerve. But I could be wrong. Assuming it's a muscle sprain/strain, I think the best thing you can do at this point... "

" Pinched nerve and exercise Hey Folks. My ...running but my doctor just diagnosed me with a pinched nerve in my neck, Nothing but wait for the inflammation to go down on its own. In the... "

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" get an injection in my spine tomorrow. This is supposed to help the inflammation around my discs relieve the pinched nerve(s) that are causing pain/numbness down my leg (as well... "

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" seen.But she was 80-90% sure it is a pinched nerve due to ...togther. I have had alot of inflamation in different places and she is concerned,so am I. So now I am on on predisone.I go bac... "

" ...was just diagnosed last week with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was being treated as a pinched nerve for the past few ...and am now on Mobic, Ultram and Prednisone to get the inflamation down. I s... "

" ...which is what is used in injections for the back. If you are having nerve pain and some of your symptoms fits that picture perfect the prednisone may really help you, I sure hope so. My sister had... "

" ...easy to tell its not a muscular pain on my case.....take NSAIDS for the inflammation, ice it, and lay off ...for a little bit treat a pinched nerve like a strain basically you... "

" ...I was sure it was a trapped nerve, but he said not as the pain didn't travel down my leg. I feel bad for you, being so early getting it, I'm now 23 weeks. He wanted to give me coding, but as I have... "

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" ...if you have a pinched nerve. Degenerative Disc Disease is ...see anyone else. Do try putting ice on the low back and that will give you temporary relief and take something for inflammation if yo... "

" know, I have been having some problems with my back lately. I ...problem involving a pinched nerve. I will hear ...involves massive doses of prednisone in order to get the inflammation do... "

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