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infection is the colonization of a host (biology) organisms by Parasitism species. Infecting parasites seek to use the host's resource...
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Common Infection treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 11,760 Amoxicillin 11,390 Cipro 10,881
2,710,542 conversations around the web about Infection to help you make a decision
2,710,542 conversations around the web about Infection to help you make a decision
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Infection & Turbinectomy

We found 26 discussions
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" ...(I believe) turbinectomy and septoplasty ...left. The symptoms i experience include nasal congestion, runny nostril, post-nasal drip, increased throat restriction and infections, and a feeling... "

" ...least you haven't had revision turbinectomy like me. Persistent rhinitis they want to keep ...treat the cause (allergies or infection) nearly all nasal problems fit... "

" ...problems with my sinus, I dont get infections often. What I do get them). Ive had a turbinectomy and a septoplasty. After it wasnt long before my turbinate was swollen and blo... "

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" ...I had my septoplasty and turbinectomy 3 weeks ago now. I ...still feel terrible. I have awful congestion and pain, post-nasal drip ...said I didn't have an infection and that I should just... "

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" ...septoplasty/turbinectomy ...claritin now and it has helped some.. I am just now getting over a combination strep throat/sinus infection.. ...infected my throat and I am currently on 875mg au... "

" ...It's been 14months of misery along with surgery (septoplasty and turbinectomy) and I was still getting infections. I hoping I can just permanently cut gluten or... "

" decide that a Turbinectomy won't make you worse? ...restored. Sometimes patients of Turbinectomy develop something called \"Empty ...possibly have a low grade infection in your sinuses, ef... "

" ...and turbinectomy done, ...treat infections, sometimes ...cycle). However, by sheer chance I discovered something very helpful after my mum had radiation treatment to her nose for invasive ... "

" ...out, and nasal septoplasty and turbinectomy 5 weeks ago). I will ...breath, but after I used my Neti Pot every hour on the ...wonder if that was more infection related. Also, the lymph node... "

" after repeated infections. Officially, this is ...-septoplasty (deviated septum) -partial turbinectomy -functional endoscopic sinus surgery ...swelling, at times becoming infected.... "

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