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infection is the colonization of a host (biology) organisms by Parasitism species. Infecting parasites seek to use the host's resource...
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Common Infection treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 11,762 Amoxicillin 11,390 Cipro 10,882
2,710,834 conversations around the web about Infection to help you make a decision
2,710,834 conversations around the web about Infection to help you make a decision
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Infection & Lung Nodule

4.77% of the posts that mention Lung Nodule also mention Infection (185 posts)
Lung Nodule
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Lung Nodule
We found 185 discussions
" ...for followup, anyway I have an RA lung nodule, size of golfball at base ...or it can always get infected or the pulling on the ...that same lung I have a constant plueral effusion, makes it h... "

" We have an update on my wife's lung nodule that we've been monitoring. She ...they found that the lung nodule had completely resolved. In ...type of inflammation or infection. So that means s... "

" ...good! Try not to worry too much. I have \"numerous\" 1-2mm nodules in my lungs, and they call them granulomas. They think that they were caused by an infection that I had. But they... "

" ...mets but I do have a single 6mm lung nodule that turned up on my ...just turned out to be infection or inflammation. I could be ...way to determine if a lung nodule is a met or not... "

" It turned out the nodules in my lungs were due to a bad ...told that I now have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) ...spots are due to past infections then he is almost certain... "

" ...too, because of your 7-mm lung nodule. I think there are ...that can cause that - infection, scarring, or even just inflammation from treatment. I also have 2 4-mm lung nodules from my PET sca... "

" ...CAT scan. I had the same conclusions drawn regarding histoplasmosis/valley fever. I'm having ...Have you had many respiratory infections? Here's some good ...will detect a lung nodule - mo... "

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" ...I am on itraconazole because it was an active infection . I am concerned about my chances of developing POHC. I had untreated stabismus and amblyopia as a child and as a result only see out of my... "

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" ...Stupid me was so nervous I didn't ask why. They were checking the lung nodule and a liver cyst ?? It took 20 minutes ...roping indentations and after a IV infection there really is NO qu... "

" ...It is a severe stomach infection that traveled to my lungs, ...abdomen it is black. The nodules in my lungs are beginning to shrink since ...on. The reason for the infection.....stress. I hav... "

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