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Urinary incontinence (UI) is any involuntary leakage of urine. It is a common and distressing problem, which may have a profound impac...
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Common Incontinence treatments discussed around the web
Detrol 317 Ditropan 256 Vesicare 244
104,480 conversations around the web about Incontinence to help you make a decision
104,480 conversations around the web about Incontinence to help you make a decision
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Incontinence & Anal Plugs

We found 16 discussions
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" Hello I suffer from wind incontinence leading to uncontrolled flatulence. While ...beads or very slender necked anal plugs prevent wind from being expelled?... "

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" ...suffer from wind incontinence (as in ...uncontrolled flatulence. Has anyone used anal beads or very slender necked anal plugs to plug the anus, an... "

" ...Long story short, loperamide was the correct one for my circumstances and I was not aware of any side effects that were worse than trying to deal with the incontinence (which was worse... "

" ...tampons or anal plugs available in ...that the disposable anal plugs also will not be covered. I am bowel incontinent and conducted some ...controlling their incontinence. Unfortunatel... "

" Hi, I'm JD and I am fecal incontinent. Medically approved anal plugs for bowel incontinence are marketed in the UK by ...or semi-solid stool, but not diarrhea. Only the ones which... "

" ...ive become aware of 'anal plugs' for bowel incontinence. they ...told that she had an unidentified infection and was treated ...become stretched causing the incontinence. weve since been to... "

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" ..., has anyone info about anal plugs for incontinence .Do they work ok?. I... "

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" ...that I am unaware of anal plugs for incontinence. My initial reaction is to... "

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" ...permanent enlargement and an inability to \"hold it in\", aka incontinence. This doesn't happen very often however and is only caused by excessive anal sex and overly-large anal plugs and... "

" ...never heard of this, so being the google-fool I am, I found this: I now better understand what they are and what they do. However, I... "

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