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Incompetent Cervix

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(Cervical incompetence)
Cervical incompetence is a medical condition in which a pregnancy woman's cervix begins to cervical dilation (widen) and effacement (t...
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19,495 conversations around the web about Incompetent Cervix to help you make a decision
19,495 conversations around the web about Incompetent Cervix to help you make a decision
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Incompetent Cervix & Spotting

7.39% of the posts that mention Incompetent Cervix also mention Spotting (1,441 posts)
Incompetent Cervix
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We found 1,441 discussions
" ...any symptoms before the docs found that you had an incompetent cervix. I am having this feeling of something protruding out ...The last time I had spotting I had a sch. Thanks... "

" Hi, I am really sorry to hear about your bleed and your losses. My friend had an incompetent cervix and had a stitch put in trans-abdominally. I believe that it is often done vaginally however. She... "

" ...There are women who have bleeding and continue on every month ...true for you. I had bleeding in my first pregnancy was from me having an incompetent cervix that wasn't diagnosed till... "

" ...a paranoid nervous wreck! I was having bleeding and cramping and I wigged ..... and I have an incompetent cervix so I had a ...sometimes people just randomly have spotting and cramping with t... "

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" ...a few months before I became pregnant. I had a few bleeds during my pregnancy, and was warned may need a ...- but I did have incompetent cervix and labour was only 4... "

" ...gyne to recommend for incompetent cervix? OA_show(13); Hi, I have been diagnosed with incompetent cervix after losing my ...that I had this condition till I started spotting ... "

" was a possibility. The bleeding has long stopped now though, which is ...worried is someone I know mentioned to me that \"bleeding and discharge can mean you are dilating and have an incompet... "

" ...13 weeks. Then I had some bleeding and cramping so I was eye on my cervix and cerclage. I have an incompetent cervix so my case is a little different them most.... "

" ...2nd 40 3.. I too had masjor bleeds n bed rest this time ...told i'd go early. One of my bestfriends has major prems (incompetent cervix)- her first was SB at 18 weeks, 2nd is... "

" ...know if she had any bleeding but I do know that ...than she thought. I had some bleeding with my daughter that ...lost her because I have an incompetent cervix. Sorry I can't help... "

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