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Common Swelling treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 25,989 Tylenol 17,661 Prednisone 16,438
1,935,807 conversations around the web about Swelling to help you make a decision
1,935,807 conversations around the web about Swelling to help you make a decision
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Incisional Hernia Repair & Swelling

We found 36 discussions
" ...Tylenol since Thur. Also been taking Milk of Mag. daily since Thru. Drinking lots of water .... still not \" going\" much (yes Im eating) & my muffin top where the mesh was placed is HUGE! I kn... "

" Well, I still have swelling from my incisional hernia repair, 8 weeks ago, but I'm now going back to full activity despite the ongoing problems. I have a couple of mysterious lumps, one 2 inches... "

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" ...incisional hernia repair eight weeks ago with out the mesh, and still have swelling and... "

" Hi there, I am scheduled for incisional hernia repair on the 22nd of July and i know that extremly painful and I am constantly swollen. I would be sure to... "

" taking my usual care to dab rath?r then rub, etc etc .. using anusol pretty regularly, but being driven mad by soreness and the urge to ITCH (I know TMI, but who else can I ask! ) I wondered ... "

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" ...incisional hernia repair on May 12, just take Ibuprofen. I went back to my surgeon 2 weeks post op and am going back again 5 weeks post op. I still have some swelling throughout my abdo... "

" How Did You Deliver After Your Incisional Hernia Repair? Hey miranda, My swelling has gone down alot. It's been exactly 4 weeks now since surgery. There's a tiny little bump on the belly button. It... "

" Hi all, I am 10 weeks past an open incisional hernia repair and still have soreness and swelling. My doc said to wear the binder when I... "

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" ...the surgery, most of the swelling has gone down with the exception ...UC dx'd 2004 1st step- 10/02/08 2nd step- 11/13/08 Incisional hernia repair 05/20/09 chronic... "

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" i had incisional hernia repair about six weeks ago and i have pain occasionally. I had a JP drain taken out stomach looks distorted. The swelling is annoying because i look... "

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