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Birth Defects

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(Congenital anomaly)
congenital disorder, or congenital disease, is a condition existing at birth and often before birth, or that develops during the...
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93,261 conversations around the web about Birth Defects to help you make a decision
93,261 conversations around the web about Birth Defects to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Birth Defects

Incest & Birth Defects

We found 1,335 discussions
" ...they were poor swimmers. Incest is defined as a ...genetic condition will not cause birth defects. There genetics allowed them to ...called Nod because he was so tired from having all... "

" ...and physically handicapped. They got an abortion. Within a year they ...abortion. What about rapes and incest? Birth defects albeit hopefully earlier in the... "

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" ...civilization will collapse queries : Incest has been forbidden for centuries in most societies for reasonalbe reasons related to birth defects from inbreeding. Multiple marriage partners,... "

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" ...her internet research has told her that birth defects due to incest \"only happen when there's a long line of incest.\" I don't believe that ...legislation to ban adult incest. N.J. Pol Wants... "

" ...are very good reasons, generally. Incest is banned because evidence seems ...children of such couples have birth defects. In other words, it verifiably... "

" ...particularly during cases of incest. And giving birth to ...the right of an incest fetus to be born ...born from very young mothers have a higher rate of birth defects as well. Quote: ... "

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" since incest has a high rate of... "

" ...age society, determine that say incest is bad? yes you can. ...produce, ahem, less vigorous offspring as well as have a higher number of birth defects? how about stealing? try to steal fro... "

" ...set in his abortion policy. What ...rape, or if incest....if life begins at ...a life( innocent) right? Why it okay cause they might have birth defects.....but a women who fi... "

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" ...apparent. The chances of incest producing children with birth defects is only fractionally larger ...a child with birth defects is not worth ...should legislate. So, yeah, incest should be ... "

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