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Impacted Wisdom Tooth

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2,482 conversations around the web about Impacted Wisdom Tooth to help you make a decision
2,482 conversations around the web about Impacted Wisdom Tooth to help you make a decision
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Impacted Wisdom Tooth & Swollen Lymph Nodes

1.09% of the posts that mention Impacted Wisdom Tooth also mention Swollen Lymph Nodes (27 posts)
Impacted Wisdom Tooth
Swollen Lymph Nodes
We found 27 discussions
" ...nodes. What are treatment options? I have 3 swollen lymph nodes all on the ...cervical region. Have been treated for impacted wisdom tooth ( waited for ...have had some type of dermatitis or... "

" ...have two painless swollen lymph nodes on right jaw for ...i also have have impacted wisdom tooth with white thickening around ...than when i touch or pr... "

" ...I've had this swollen lymph node for over a year ...that same side I have an impacted wisdom tooth that cant fully emerge because ...(in fact I have gained about 10 - 15 lbs in the past... "

" ...and my throat hurts to much to be eating anything besides and my face and lymph nodes are swollen. I'm assuming that this is an impacted wisdom tooth? I have been taking Advil for the pain,but it... "

" swollen lymph node under jaw I have an impacted wisdom tooth on the bottom right. From the X-ray its growing sideways against the tooth next to it. It wasnt rally giving me any problems untill the... "

" ...0103. I also have a impacted wisdom tooth that should have come out long ago which (fingers crossed) caused the swollen lymph node on the back of my head. Im a wreck... "

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" ...i'm having excruciating pain in my jaw, i have swollen lymph nodes from it and pain in my neck, from an impacted wisdom tooth. it hurts like hell. and even vicoden doesn't kill the pain.... "

" ...i am a 35 overweight but healthy 35 ...ago i discovered a swollen lymph node. it hasnt gotten any ...of the ultrasound i had an impacted wisdom tooth and was just getting over a cold. i hones... "

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" ...the post! Relax! You have yourself found several causes for swollen lymph nodes . So why think of ...draining lymph nodes to swell. Impacted wisdom tooth if infected can also cause... "

" ...questions about the results. Given I had some swollen lymph nodes when he requested the ...surprise by the way as I had a raging infection in an impacted wisdom tooth) and the test was... "

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